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January 22, 2021

Innovative Ideas for Virtual Events

Innovative ideas for virtual events

Create Innovative Virtual Events

Virtual events are currently in the limelight. It is no wonder that they appear to be the best alternative to physical events, which can only be partially planned and executed due to the current pandemic. Virtual formats are, therefore, experiencing a boost that is driving the digitalization of an entire industry. The organizers, who are now working on new ideas and forms, are setting trends. We have put together a small collection of innovative ideas for virtual events, which will make your event more than the consumption of a live stream. Let yourself be inspired and develop the new category of virtual events by working jointly:

Include Games

Virtual team plays are a classic; why not integrate small game sessions into a virtual event? All of us know that the booths with the most entertainment factor attract the most visitors at a fair. Nothing connects more than challenging each other to collect points and play together. Gamification also works digitally and kills two birds with one stone, for example, when the guests solve a quiz together to get out of the breakout room and, at the same time, get to know all the features like shared chat, whiteboard, shared notes or private sessions.

Virtual Speed Dating

How do we network virtually? For example, by organizing a virtual meeting in which the host puts together a team. This team has to solve a common task in the breakout room or receives a list of questions that serves as a basis for conversation. The time window should be short so that no lengths arise, and dynamic exchange is possible. Virtual dates are used for networking, promote interaction between the guests, and are fun.

Goodie Bags

A goodie bag combines the virtual with the analog and is a platform for the virtual event's partners and sponsors.  With a mix of product samples, advertising material, and flyers, exhibitors, partners and sponsors introduce themselves to the guests. Sent in advance by mail, the Goodie Bags get the guests in the right mood for the event and make the virtual event more concrete. The selected contents should, therefore, be precisely coordinated with the virtual event and its target group.


A short survey or voting loosens up any live stream or virtual session.  The guests remain engaged and have to comment regularly on the content. Organizers receive data on guest activity and can collect feedback on the virtual event.


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