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Event software API for third-party applications

With our event API, we provide you with a dynamic interface and let your creativity run wild. Connect your tools to AirLST and adapt them to your individual requirements so that automation is carried out in the right places.

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Event software API for third-party applications
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Here you'll find everything you need to automate your event processes in the right place.

Event API documentation

Event API documentation

Looking for more details about our event API? For a full list, check out our API documentation. Call up our API directly from the browser and get to know its functions.
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Request an API key

Integrating AirLST with other tools simplifies and optimizes your internal processes. Data is exchanged reliably between applications.
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Third party services that we regularly integrate

The Event API seamlessly links our event software with your third-party applications. In this way, guests or participants, for example, can be exported directly from Salesforce and imported into guest lists. Automated door opening systems, access barriers, etc. can also be easily addressed.

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