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Your app for smooth check-in on site. Send event tickets, scan QR code and print badge.

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How does it work?

We will explain to you how our check-in app works in a short video.

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Scan a ticket with the Check In app
Contemporary event ticketing

Scan a ticket with the Check-In App

With our native iOS Check In app, scanning your event tickets is quick and easy. You can install the Check In app on your own devices or borrow preconfigured devices.

Access control and push notifications

The Guest List as an App

Our check-in app notifies you in real time as soon as your guests arrive. You can also control your visitor management so that your guests are informed of all new features. This means that your admission management is professional and efficient, even in the event of unforeseen events, and your guest list is always up to date.

How does it work?

In a short video, we explain to you how ticketing works for us.

Watch video
David shows you how to do it.
Templates for your event invitation David
The Visitor Management Cockpit

Everything at a glance with the Check-In App

With the Check-In App, your check-in team can track the status of your guests at any time and in real time. Everyone is therefore always up to date and has the same level of knowledge. Thanks to the various search and filter functions of the Check In app, you can also answer status questions spontaneously.

Event tickets and name tags
Smart printing materials

Event Tickets and Name Tags

We provide you with the necessary hardware to print event tickets or name tags. Whether it's a high-quality name tag, event tickets, luggage tags, individual bracelets or other carrier media. In addition, tickets and badges can also be intelligently equipped with RFID chips, for example.

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Attendee management and virtual events

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Conclusion: The check-in app makes your visitor management easier

On site, AirLST takes care of the Visitor management and get the needed hardware, how Printer, router and check in appso that admission can be completed to everyone's satisfaction. Professional visitor management is the hallmark of an event. Guests who have to wait a long time in line at the start of an event or have to participate in uncoordinated admission processes will be less satisfied than guests who arrive at the entrance fast and informed be treated. Visitor management is therefore also a particular challenge for Event Managers. High numbers of participants and different guest groups and multiple entrances are the biggest difficulties.

show everything

All of this must be coordinated for good visitor management. Check In App, digital tickets and synchronous data facilitate complex processes in visitor management. Optimum visitor management is hard to imagine without structured and precise planning. Digitalization and automation help to carry out complex processes. Different groups of participants Can in a Participant management software How AirLST easily categorizes and manages access to event location enable. Friendly admissions staff who welcome visitors, check tickets quickly and carefully, nametags Distribute and wish you a nice event, without any delays due to a queue or the search for the appropriate name tag: this is what efficient visitor management should look like. The more visitors are expected and the more guest groups they form, the more complex the process becomes. Short waiting times and smoother Check In stand for the professionalism of an event and its visitor management. Quick admission and cheerful staff increase comfort for visitors and pave the way for a successful event. Efficient, digitally supported visitor management, which enables a smooth process, is essential for this. The system must be fast because the volume of guests is high. Satisfied visitors that are quick and easy ingress Get, are the focus here. Instead of pre-produced and alphabetically sorted name tags, professional, automated and, above all, quick instant printing on site saves waiting times and optimizes admission management. Visitors who have already paid for their ticket online go straight to the entrance, scan their QR Code and get access to the event without extending the waiting times for other visitors, who have to register on site and pick up their name tag on their first visit. And finally, using software for participant management also means that all collected data can be evaluated after the event. How many guests were actually at the event, on which days were they there? Which guests were not reached via the system? Important data to further optimize admission management in the future.

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