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October 4, 2019

Reservation Management with AirLST

AirLST Reservation Systems 

AirLST is not only used to manage guest lists and invitation processes. For three tents at the Munich Oktoberfest, our team designed and developed a reservation management system to simplify the complex process of booking tables.

The hosts of Schützen-Festzelt, Schottenhamel-Festhalle, Marstall-Festzelt and Rischart rely on our AirLST software to coordinate their guests.

Digital Reservation Management

Table reservations are convenient and made early in the year. Guests like to check the current availability of free seats at any time, and it should be possible to book them directly.

For the hosts of the tents, AirLST means a simplification of their reservation management. The software tool can replicate the entire workflow of a reservation office: Display tables and their availability, send invoices and booking confirmations, manage food vouchers and coordinate admission on site.

For Schützen-Festzelt, AirLST has also developed an App that shows whether the tent is already closed or still open. Every day a table for ten people is raffled off, and they post live pictures.

Even Traditional Companies are Going Digital

To develop the reservation management systems and the app, our AirLST team draws on nuanced empirical values; after all, they have been working on the reservation management software for the Oktoberfest since 2016. Many years of experience in guest management help the specialists to find convincing solutions. And so even traditional companies increasingly rely on digital tools to communicate with their guests and customers.

In a study on digitization, the Monitoring Report Wirtschaft Digital, published in 2018 by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, it's indicated that 69 % of companies were able to improve their customer communication thanks to digital tools. No wonder when you consider that data can be synchronized at any time and thus always communicated up to date. Besides, automated processes can immensely shorten response times to inquiries.

Where the hosts used to receive reservation requests by telephone, fax, e-mail or letter and guests had to wait for the reservation confirmations, digital tools such as AirLST can now display table occupancy in real-time. Host and guest can plan and reduce outages due to non-attending guests - an advantage for all Oktoberfest attendees.

Siegfried Able, digital Oktoberfest host from the very beginning, head of the Marstall Festzelt and user of AirLST's reservation management tool confirms: "With this software tool, AirLST offers us an all-encompassing solution that optimizes many workflows and provides us with a lot of advice on the development of new ideas and functions. Besides, our guests experience an uncomplicated and easy booking process. We are thrilled".

The high demand confirms the concept of AirLST, many hosts have recognized the potential of a sustainable software like AirLST’s reservation management system. Further tents will use the software next year. We are looking forward to the challenge and are counting on the digitization of the Oktoberfest.

You can find an overview of the various functions of the reservation system and some case studies on our page: The Reservation Tool for Beer Tents.


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