Optimization through Tracking & Reporting

Event Statistics

Event planning generates a data set that contains valuable information about your event and its guests. AirLST offers you comprehensive event statistics before, during, and after the event, based on live data. This allows you to react to developments at an early stage and gives you an overview of your event right from the start.


Statistic Modul


Registration Statistics

Your event statistics record the response rate of your invitation process. During this process, AirLST documents how many registrations have already been received, how many accompanying persons have been registered, which guests have canceled, and who has not yet responded. This allows you to see who you need to contact again. That's how you keep an eye on the progress of your invitation.


Minimize No-Show Rates

During and after each event, the No-Show Rate shows you which guests did not show up despite being accepted. With regard to future events, these event statistics should be carefully evaluated. For regular events, you can derive your overbooking factor from these figures and thus optimize your event planning.


Email Statistics

With AirLST you know at any time whether your emails have arrived, been opened, or could not be delivered. If there are typos in the email address or if an address is no longer reachable, you will be informed and can take appropriate action.

Eine zentrale Komponente Ihrer Eventstatistiken sind die E-Mail-Daten. Mit AirLST wissen Sie jederzeit, ob Ihre Emails angekommen sind, geöffnet wurden oder nicht zugestellt werden konnten. Gibt es Tippfehler in der E-Mail Adresse oder ist eine Adresse nicht mehr erreichbar, werden Sie darüber informiert und können entsprechende Maßnahmen ergreifen.

E-Mail-Statistiken nutzen



Let your event statistics become the guideline for your customer relationship management. Increase the satisfaction of your attendees through sustained after-sales management. Updates, acknowledgments, and surveys can be effortlessly implemented with AirLST. Detailed reports simplify the long-term maintenance of customer relations.

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Event statistics collect and visualize the data collected during the planning and execution of an event. How much feedback have we already received? And how many cancellations, that is something that interests every event manager as soon as the invitations have gone out. Event statistics provide feedback on the planning, progress and success of events. Successful event planning always includes the collection of detailed event statistics, the observation and evaluation of visitor data and process steps. Especially through digital guest management, relevant event statistics are collected regarding guests and attendees. The event statistics are displayed in a structured and clear manner in the AirLST backend. The event statistics are arranged directly above the guest list. The number of invitations that could not be sent out is displayed here. With just one click you can find out why the delivery was unsuccessful and take regulatory action. Event statistics therefore provide important data already in the planning phase, which enables you to adjust your planning. For example, an additional reminder can be sent if the response rate is low. Even after the event, the event statistics collected are the basis for a comprehensive evaluation of the entire process. Event statistics on no-show rates are particularly important for event managers, and must be carefully evaluated with regard to future events. This rate shows how many guests did not show up for the event despite registration. The effects of a high no-show rate should not be underestimated. The no-show rate is one of the most important event statistics. Factors that influence it should therefore be eliminated. The collection of event statistics plays a decisive role in event planning: Based on the event statistics, short-term adjustments can be made and long-term processes can be optimized.

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