Always an eye on event statistics

Analytics and Reporting

Our participant management system generates valuable data:
We provide you with comprehensive event statistics, based on live data, during and after the event. Keep an eye on your data right from the start, react to developments early on and productively evaluate your event.

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Analytics and reporting
Measure the success of your invitation campaign

Login Statistics

During the invitation process, AirLST documents the response rate, registered accompanying persons, cancellations and who has not responded yet in a structured and clear manner. This allows you to quickly see who you can follow up with again and always have an eye on the progress of your invitation.

Full transparency

Email Statistics

AirLST not only tracks feedback, but also email delivery. Opening rates, clicks and undeliverabilities help to keep the guest list up to date and to plan the event based on real-time data.

Determine length of stay, identify optimizations

Targeted evaluation of your Landing Page

Does the landing page meet your conversion rate goals? Do guests find their way around the site? Our statistics on the behavior of landing page visitors help optimize the user experience and optimally prepare participants for your event.

Everything you need for a successful follow up

From Guest Management to CRM

Did you know that your event registrations can provide valuable marketing data? Who attended your event and who bought or sold your products afterwards. We link the attributes of our list of participants with the attributes of your CRM and turn an event registration into a channel for your key account management.

Attendee management and virtual events

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From registration tool to event analytics

Event statistics collect and visualize the data that is collected during Planning and execution of an event be collected. How many feedbacks Have we already received? And every event manager is interested in how many cancellations as soon as the invitations have been sent out. Give event statistics feedback about the planning, running and success of events. Successful event planning always includes collecting detailed event statistics, monitoring and Evaluation of visitor data and process steps.

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In particular through a Participant management software Relevant event statistics are collected regarding guests and participants. In Visitor management system The event statistics are structured and clearly displayed. The event statistics are arranged right above the guest list. This shows how many invites could not be shipped. With one click, you can find out why the delivery was unsuccessful and take action to regulate it. Event statistics are therefore already provided in the planning phase important data that make it possible to adjust the planning So can at lower Response rate For example, an additional Reminder be shipped. Even after the event, the collected event statistics are the basis for a comprehensive evaluation of the entire process. For event managers, the event statistics on No-show rates, which must be carefully evaluated with regard to future events. This rate shows how many guests did not show up for the event despite registration. The effects of a high no-show rate should not be underestimated. The no-show rate is one of the most important event statistics. Factors that influence them should therefore be addressed. The collection of event statistics plays a decisive role in event planning: Based on event statistics, short-term adjustments can be made and processes can be optimized in the long term.