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Online registration is the core process in attendee management. This is where invited guests provide feedback as to whether they register for the event or cancel. Online registration therefore requires clear registration processes and online forms, as well as structured data collection of the information collected in the online registration form.
Thus, the invitation list is always a dynamic construct: At the beginning of event planning, it is an extensive list of potential guests, from which those who actually receive an invitation are filtered. During online registration, the list transforms with each feedback. And even if the event has already started, the attendee list captures last-minute cancellations or changes.
Online registration for an event must therefore be thought of as a dynamic process. A software for attendee management that can map and capture this dynamic is therefore particularly helpful for event management.The process of online registration begins with the redirection to an event landing page that contains the online registration form. Here, clear structuring of the online form is particularly important. Guests must be able to find their way around without barriers and step by step, and must not be overwhelmed by complicated online forms. For this reason, multi-section query fields are ideal for comprehensive data queries for registration. Multi-step online forms are also the right choice when accompanying persons need to be recorded. For many event organizers, it is important that a waiting list can be created automatically for very popular events. The online registration is then not automatically completed immediately, but the participants are placed on a list. Then either the organizer can choose who is admitted directly - and who remains on the waiting list until the first choice has cancelled, if necessary - or we set up a simple first come - first serve, so that the waiting list is only opened after a predefined number of registrations.
Online registrations can be designed open or closed, i.e. in case of an open online registration there is no access restriction to the registration form. Initially, anyone can register as an interested party for the event. Again, only in the second step and after verification of the event registration by the event managers, the guests are admitted and invited to the event. In the case of closed online registration, the event managers determine in advance who will be invited. The invitation list is transferred to the attendee management system, then invitations are emailed to their guest list with a personalized link or code. Postal invitations can also be linked to a digital registration form.
Based on an invitation list, individual QR codes are created and sent to a print shop. With the QR codes sent by post, guests can access the landing page and online registration to provide feedback.