Event Registration Form

Registration is a central process of your event planning. The registration form collects feedback and coordinates all requirements. By using modifiable request fields, all relevant data of your guests are collected transparently and in just a few steps.

Structured Guest registration

Reliable Forms

The registration form collects feedback and coordinates the requirements of your attendees.


Extended Query Fields

For more complex queries, you can use grouped, dynamic, or limited query fields to keep the registry neat and structured. You can quickly implement such query fields in an individually configured registration form. Choose between text fields or let your guests make their selection via a drop-down menu or radio buttons. Group multi-level queries into ordered blocks and use dynamic fields if a selection entails further questions, e.g., travel planning → Select transport → Airplane → Flight number.


Templates for your Registration Form

The regular AirLST registration form contains standard request fields to collect event-related information from your guest. You determine which information you require. Following the Data Protection Act, only request information which is relevant for your event planning.

Templates for your Registration Form
Register Companions


Register Companions

In addition to their own registration, you can offer your guests to register one or more accompanying persons. In this case, the registration form will open further fields for the data request of the accompanying person(s). With AirLSTs registry for accompanying persons, you always assign your guest properly and see in your guest list who belongs to whom.



It is possible to assign quotas or limits to specific queries, e.g., to set a maximum number of attendees for a workshop. In this case, the registration closes according to your specifications. From this point on, a separate waiting list opens in AirLST. The attendees receive a message that their registration has not yet been confirmed. Instead, the guests will be put on a waiting list. You can individually adjust the required limit.


Re-Login Options

After registration, you can give your guests various opportunities to interact with their registry. An unsubscribe button in the confirmation email will help keep the no-show rate low. A return button on a summary of the given data helps the guests to structure their records, and sometimes it is useful to allow the guests to make subsequent changes to their data.

Re-Login Options

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The Event registration is a core process of event planning. This is where invited guests give feedback on whether they will attend the event or cancel. Event registration therefore requires clear processes and forms as well as a structured data management of the information collected in the registration form. Thus, the guest list is always a dynamic construct: At the beginning of the event planning, it is an extensive list of potential guests, from which those who actually receive an invitation are picked. During the event registration, the list is transformed into a final guest list. But even when the event has already begun, the list of attendees records cancellations or changes at short notice. Event registration must therefore be considered a dynamic process. A digital software tool that can map and record these dynamics is therefore particularly helpful for registry. The event registration starts with the first email to the guests and the forwarding to a landing page containing the registration form. A clear structure of this form is especially important here. Guests must be able to find their way around barrier-free and must not be overwhelmed by complicated data query. An event registration can be designed open or closed, i.e. there are no access restrictions to the registration form in case of an open event registration. Initially, anyone can register for the event as an interested party. Only in the second step and after the event managers checked the event registration, the guests are admitted and invited to the event. In case of a closed event registration, the event managers determine in advance who will be invited. The invitation list is transferred to the AirLST system, then the invitations are sent to the listed guest by email with a personalized link or code. Even postal invitations can be linked to a digital registration form. Based on an invitation list, individual QR codes are created and sent to a print shop. With the QR codes sent by post, guests can access the landing page and the registry form to give feedback.

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