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The event landing page is the figurehead of your event. With AirLST, you can choose from a wide variety of landing page templates — whether for a conference, a summer party or a trade fair. Our proven widgets help you clearly present your agenda, embed your videos or broadcast your live panels. If you wish, you can link your event landing page to your desired domain, distribute it on social media channels or protect it so that it is only available to invited guests.

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Our Event Landing Page Templates

Whether for a classic meeting, a summer party or an international conference — with our event templates, you're ready: Industry-specific designs and flexible widgets for agenda, speaker, map or breakout rooms help you create your event landing page in no time at all.

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No matter what kind of event you're planning: we'll help you set up your site optimally. We offer tailor-made templates: You can add or delete widgets as needed, you can easily add content yourself and CSS skills help you to adjust the styling as well.
Attractive and flexible themes

The design of our event landing page templates

Our design team has created attractive themes for various event formats that you can use right away. Adjustments to your CI are very easy and if you need an individual template because you haven't found the right one in our store, we'll be happy to build that for you too.

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The conclusion of the event landing page

Die Event landing pages form the heart of your Participant registration and is the calling card of every Participant management. This allows you to inform, register and manage every participant of your event online. Your online registration form will be integrated into the event landing page. The guests will be told about your Email invitation go to the event landing page and register online. In addition, your guests can of course also log in to, for example, your virtual event or yours

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In the best case scenario, a good and inspiring landing page will convince the undecided guest to sign up for your event after all. Visitors who have already decided to participate can quickly and easily find everyone on the event landing page relevant data that they need for the event and process their registration quickly and easily. Registered guests return to the event landing page when they have their Plan your journey, the timetable Want to review it again or check another piece of information. Therefore, an event landing page must be appealing and well structured Be and always updated and are maintained so that guests and participants find their way around easily. An event landing page is an excellent event landing page if the guests can do exactly what they are asked to do: themselves register for the event. Die contents The event landing page must therefore go to the Target audience be cut to size. Information must not be hidden, but must be accessible at a glance or scroll. The event landing page must be convincing of the event and a reference for this being. Highly visible Call-to-action buttons Call for action in a clear manner. The principle when designing an event landing page must therefore be: Keep it simple. Nothing is more unproductive than an unstructured event landing page that causes visitors' frustration. Therefore, the most important information should be prioritized and displayed at the top of the event landing page. The biggest challenge is then that the event landing page is not just uncluttered, but also to make it so appealing that it gets the guests in the mood for the event. A short Evaluation by people who have never seen the event landing page before, the impact and ease of use to check before the event landing page goes online. The event landing page should therefore be particularly well structured and with attractive design persuade. That is why we also offer you tested and proven events Landing page templates , which you just have to fill with your data. It's very easy in the event landing page template editor. Select an attractive header section and add an image here that matches the look & feel of your event. Then you choose which widgets Your event landing page needs: The options include: an agenda, a speaker overview, eine picture gallery, Map and Route map as well as various widgets for virtual events. So that your event landing page is ready for virtual events, you can set up a live stream. We embed a video window into the event landing page, which your guests can easily access. Take a look at our portfolio of event landing page templates and find out what works best for you. Alternatively, we are happy to take care of a individual design for your event and all the solutions you need for it: From email delivery from the event landing page to ticketing We will support you at any time. Industry-specific design for automotive, pharmaceutical agency or entertainment is only a small part of our portfolio. With our widgets, you can always build your event landing page based on the needs of your event in a lean and well-structured way. Third party applications can be integrated into the event landing page without any problems. In the event landing page editor, you can easily and easily maintain your personal content yourself. With CSS knowledge, you can also customize the styling of the templates yourself. Will an individual, customized And to a corporate style guide If you need a customized solution, contact us and we will be happy to make you an offer at any time and take on all tasks from design to implementation.

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