Freely accessible or exclusively with a password

Public or protected online registration

The online registration of your event can be created as an open or password-protected page. This means that your guests can log in online with or without a password. Suitable for every event format — whether it's a major public event or an exclusive management meeting.
Capture relevant data quickly

Easy creation of your online registration forms

Using the online form generator, you can place various fields on your online registration and relate them to each other. Mandatory fields and “if-then conditions” guarantee seamless reporting. In addition to your guests' data, you can incorporate all aspects of successful event logistics (e.g. travel details, transfers or hotel accommodation) in parallel.

Structured event registration

Management and placement of form fields

Clear registration forms make your guests happy: Grouped, dynamic or limited query fields enable complex data collection. Choose between text fields, drop-down menus or radio buttons and create your online registration in blocks or with dynamic query fields.

Assign accompanying persons correctly

Managing guests and their guests

In addition to their own registration, your guests can register one or more accompanying persons. In this case, the online registration opens additional fields for the accompanying person to query the data. In our guest management tool, you can see exactly which guest belongs to which guest and download the guest list in advance.
To the guest list
Proven process for changes and cancellations

Changes to online registrations

After online registration, you can send your guests a button to change their registration: The collected data can only be viewed or changed again by the guest. This saves you the administrative effort and you can transparently track any changes or cancellations in your guest list.

Avoid overbooking and enable waiting lists

Monitor quotas, capacities and registration deadlines

Your online registration can of course also handle quotas and limits. In this case, the online registration will be closed, in accordance with your requirements, for a certain number of people. From this point on, a separate waiting list is created. Limits and quotas, as well as behavior when a quota is reached, can be adjusted individually.

Attendee management and virtual events

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No online registration — no event

The Online registration is the core process in Participant management. Here are the invited guests feedback whether they register for or cancel the event. Die Online registration therefore, requires clear registration processes and online forms as well as a structured data collection, who in Online registration form information collected.

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So is the Invitation list Always a dynamic construct: At the start of event planning, it is an extensive list of potential guests, from which those who actually have a invitation received. During online registration, the list changes with every response. And even if the event has already started, the list of participants includes last-minute cancellations or changes.
Online registration for an event must therefore be dynamic process be thought of. One Attendee Management SoftwareThe fact that can map and record these dynamics is therefore particularly helpful for event management.
The process of online registration starts with redirection to a Event landing page, which includes the online registration form. A clear structure of the online form is particularly important here. Guests must find their way around barrier-free and step by step and must not be overwhelmed by complicated online forms. This is why comprehensive data retrieval for registration offers multi-layered query fields on. Even though accompanying persons must be recorded, multi-step online forms the right choice.
For many organizers, it is important that at very popular events a waiting list can be created automatically. The online registration is then not immediately completed automatically, but the participants are placed on a list. The organizer can then either choose who is admitted directly — and who remains on the waiting list until the first election has been cancelled, if necessary — or we set up a simple first come - first serve so that the waiting list is only opened after a pre-defined number of registrations.
Online registrations can be designed to be open or closed, i.e. with an open online registration, there is no Restricted access to the registration form. First, anyone interested can register for the event. It is also the case here: Only in the second step and after the event registration has been checked by the event managers, are the guests admitted and invited to the event. When online registration is closed, event managers determine in advance who will be invited. The invitation list is transferred to the participant management system, then the invitations are sent via email with a personalized link or code sent to their guest list. Auch postal invitations Can with a digital registration form be linked.
On the basis of an invitation list, individual QR codes created and sent to a printing house sent. With the QR codes sent by post, guests can access the landing page and online registration in order to feedback give.

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