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About us

Since 2009, AirLST GmbH has been an essential partner in the event industry. We support our customers in the field of event registry and beyond, whether it is a meeting of a ministry, the BMW dealer conference, the final of Germany's Next Topmodel, or the summer party of Munich Airport. Our colorful portfolio covers events from classic incentives and trade fairs to large scale events.

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Our History

At the end of 2007, the first iPhone was launched in Europe, followed by the first iPad in 2010. It soon turns out how much mobile devices are changing everyday life. More and more services are increasingly offered as digital services.

AirLST is at the heart of it: in 2009, the development team starts working on an online reservation system with which restaurants and clubs manage their reservations and guest lists.

2010: The concept works. The demand is growing, and the functions of the reservation tool are continually expanding.

More and more customers from the corporate sector use AirLST for their events and manage their attendees via the reservation tool. This brings with it new demands and challenges.

2012: AirLST is increasingly evolving from a guest list tool to today's platform for event registration, which also offers event landing pages, invitation mailing, ticketing, and admission management.

2013: The AirLST platform grows and expands its functions. Invoicing modules and reminder systems now also enable the processing of paid events.

Due to the continuous expansion of functions, even complex registrations processes can be mapped with AirLST. In 2014, for example, the Able family will use AirLST as a guest tool for the Oktoberfest with their Marstall tent. In the next few years, other Oktoberfest tents such as the Schützenfest tent, Schottenhamel, or the Kaiserschmarrn café will follow.

Our areas of responsibility grow in 2015, and with it, our team. Our project management and customer service team provides our customers with advice and support in all processes of guest registration.

Due to the high demand, the portfolio is growing. Together with event managers and agencies, we evaluate which features efficient software for attendee management needs. In 2017, the first DAX customer directly relied on AirLST as its registration system for in-house events.

2018: Not only is the number of users is growing, but the number of attendees in the events we manage is also increasing. For example, we operate a major event for Munich Airport, with around 55,000 attendees.

In 2018 and 2019, numerous other new developments follow. For our customers from the automotive industry, we now offer digital driver's logbooks for the structured and straightforward administration of test drives. Our customer portfolio is continuously expanding.

In 2020 the AirLST Studio will be released, a platform on which our customers can independently manage, design, and handle their event landing pages and invitation mailing.


Our vision

We want to simplify all processes relating to event registry, guest communications, and admission management. Productive service and constructive contact with our customers, as well as the usability of our software, are particularly important to us. We find adequate solutions for every project. In doing so, we optimize your event planning and advance the digital future of the event industry.


How to find us

Seitzstrasse 23
80358 Munich


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