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November 12, 2019

The Digital Guest List

Cloud-Based and Automated Guest Management

The digital guest list is the pivot point of an event. Whether customer loyalty, image cultivation, acquisition, or network evening: each event has different goals, but all events gather a target group. And there it is: neatly listed, filterable according to various criteria, and flexibly segmented. In the digital guest list, the target group and buyer persona become real people.

Open and Closed Digital Guest Lists

As soon as an event with guest registration is planned, the establishment of a digital guest list is essential. First of all, there is a difference between open and closed registrations. You name it open registration if the digital guest list does not yet contain any participants. It is particularly suitable for events that are communicated to the public; guests can self-register to it. The digital guest list is formed based on these registrations. If the guests who will be invited are already determined in advance, you call it a closed registration. Then, an invitation list is stored in the system and dynamically managed based on the feedback of your invitees. The guest data are quickly and easily imported into the system from an Excel or CSV file. Manual additions are possible at any time. The status of your guests will change as soon as they respond to the invitation.

Always Up-To-Date

In a digital guest list, contacts are managed dynamically and partially automated. Here all subscriber-related information converges, and all subscribers and rejection requests are recorded. While you are maintaining your digital guest list, duplicate filters prevent unnecessary amounts of data. The significant advantage over the proven Excel lists is the cloud-based storage of guest data. Thus the digital guest list can be edited at any time from different devices, and the current data record is available every time. This simplifies teamwork in particular. Thanks to a changelog function, all changes to the digital guest list can be tracked. And of course, there is the possibility to assign different authorizations to different team members, according to their tasks.  

Contingents and Filters

Contingents and waiting lists are also controlled via the guest list. Guest are clustered in groupings so that specific information can be passed on to the corresponding guest groups. To assign particular information to individual guests or guest groups, there are data fields and tags. This makes it quick and easy to filter group-related and personalized content.

The Digital Guest List and the Event Check-in App

During the event, the digital guest list will be continuously updated via the check-in app. Guests are identified via QR codes on their tickets. In the digital guest list, their status is changed immediately. Thus, the guest list always shows which guests have already been checked in and who is still missing. If notifications have been created for a guest, they are displayed in the app during check-in. Therefore the admission staff can act accordingly. Qualified VIP or Speaker Management become comfortable and productive.


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