Virtual Events

Realize a completely virtual event with AirLST as a full-service provider. From invitation management, virtual event rooms, professional live streaming, and communication tools to an online archive, AirLST offers you a full-service platform for digitalized events.

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Focus on Quality

Integrating social distancing and still networking. With AirLST, you can realize virtual events professionally and with high quality.


Invitation Management

Use the proven invitation management of AirLST and the Email Template Editor to design your entire communication flexibly. Of course, you can also combine the dispatch of goody bags and materials by postal mail.

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Virtual Meeting Rooms

You can design your virtual rooms for trade fairs, conferences, or training courses completely freely on your event landing page.  From the main speaker area with integrated video streams to virtual meeting rooms for breakout sessions and digital archives, all options are open.


Live Streaming

Broadcast the contributions of your speakers live on the web.  No matter how many people you expect to attend, we will ensure smooth streaming. Split screens allow the simultaneous presentation of slides and videos.

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Surveys and Live Voting

Feedback is essential for organizers. To let you know how your virtual event is liked, we organize online surveys before, during, or after the event. Of course, live-votings can also be set up. So you can also move your shareholder meeting into the virtual world in a flexible and uncomplicated way.

Customized Solutions

Communication Tools

To ensure that interaction and networking do not suffer despite the virtual format, we install smart communication tools.  Your attendees interact with each other via Q&A, live voting, chat, and virtual workshop rooms as if they were on site.

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Breakout Sessions

Virtual whiteboards offer your participants a platform for collecting ideas. With the chat and voice chat function, workshop, and training, attendees can work together productively.


Event Archive

To ensure that lectures and materials remain available for long-term use, AirLST allows you to set up a digital library that your guests can use to access videos, slides, and other documents even after the event.

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Whether conferences, trade fairs, annual general meetings, or employee training, all events are being set to realize them as virtual events. A functioning and reliable infrastructure is essential for this. Live streams of outstanding keynotes and panel discussions, interactive meetings, and workshops can be digitally organized and handled. Virtual events mean the reliability of planning. Travel planning and travel expenses are eliminated, and there is no risk of downtime due to short-term cancellations or conditions. With video streams, virtual meeting rooms, live surveys, and live chat, you can achieve the same goals you set for your analog event. With the right platform and professional support, the transformation from analog to virtual events is as easy as never before and can even provide added value. Virtual events make it much easier to collect event data; it has never been easier to track your guests' behavior, requirements, and feedback. Also, participant numbers increase due to the uncomplicated access to virtual events, and international cooperations are simplified. Therefore, virtual events are not just temporary solutions in times of pandemic but should be taken seriously as a model for the future. Virtual events or hybrid events will establish themselves in the event industry because of their many advantages and will develop as equivalent formats to physical-analog events. No matter whether you offer virtual fairs, digital showrooms, or interactive conferences: The future is digital and virtual events are getting a push by the current situation, which will change the event industry. Holistic platforms will unite both virtual events and guest management in one online tool and simplify the planning and implementation of virtual events. Event landing pages will be used not only to communicate data such as location, workshops, calendar, etc. Still, they will also become a virtual meeting place for all attendees in the course of digitalization. Live streams, chat function, registration, and online surveys are integrated here. Your guests have access to virtual conference rooms, digital whiteboards, and an event archive. Thus your virtual events are in no way inferior to the analogs. Lay the foundation for innovative, future-oriented, and crisis-proof event planning now and turn the uncertainty of postponed or canceled events into a new productive strength. Present yourself and your event online and integrate your virtual events into your existing web presence.