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Include Video Files in your conference page or embed YouTube Videos. Our simple event templates will do the rest.

Video Widget for Conference and Meeting Management Purpose

Content Modul

The Video Widget for your event website template

Video Widget - Example 1
Video Widget - Example 2
Video Widget - Example 3

Layout / Functional specifications

  • Multiple layout options (left, right, fullscreen - optionally with text)
  • Show your livestream widget permanently or upon your event website settings (e.g. show 5min before the event livestream starts)
  • Livestream player with various options (translation snippet*, play/pause mode, fullscreen mode)
  • Custom design adjustments according to your design guidelines on request

* translations or subtitles to be provided by the client

Technical specifications

How to embed and produce your event livestream.

  • Please align the livestream production with a professional video production company
  • AirLST will only take care of embedding the livestream into your event website and tracking of participants
  • Recommendation: Embedding as RMTPS SIGNAL via AWS (Amazon Webservices)
  • Only 1 → n communication possible (speaker with audio & video, view only by audience)
  • Audience interaction possible via our Slido Widget
  • Optimized for display on a desktop, notebook, tablet/pad, and smartphone
  • Optimized for Internet Explorer > 11 and all major browsers


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