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Don't let your text stand alone. Our Text and Image Widget will turn the spotlight on your event website.

Text Image Widget in Website Builder for Events

Content Modul

Text & Image Widget - Example 1
Text & Image Widget - Example 2

Layout / Functional specifications

  • Multiple layout options for image & text (e.g. picture left / text right, picture right / text left, box display)
  • Choose an awesome headline, create your bodies text and show the right image
  • Use our rich text editor in order to define font size, family or color
  • Highlight text by using the content editor toolbar
  • Unlimited number of characters
  • Custom design adjustments according to your design guidelines on request

Technical specifications

  • Widget can be used multiple times on your page
  • Allowed image files are .jpg, .png, .svg, .gif *
  • Recommend image dimension is 4:3 or 16:9 in order to get the best fit
  • Image resolution 72dpi
  • Max. file size = 1MB
  • Custom HTML / CSS editable in the source code editor
  • Optimized for desktop screens, notebook, tablet / pad and mobile phones
  • Optimized for Internet Explorer > 11 and all common Internet browsers

* Please pay attention to any copyrights. AirLST assumes no liability for claims by third parties.


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