Interaction Module

Virtual Rooms Widgets

Meet me virtually: The Virtual Rooms Widget for attendee interaction, collaboration and celebration.

Create Virtual Rooms for your Virtual Events on your Website

Interaction Module

The Virtual Rooms Widget for virtual collaboration

Virtual-Rooms - Example 1

Layout / Functional Specifications

  • Order your breakout session containers as list items or box items
  • Describe time, topic, speaker and show active/inactive virtual rooms
  • Show how many participants are currently in the virtual room
  • Button to enter the virtual room
  • Virtual meeting room starts either pop-up or alternatively in a new browser tab
  • Configure access rights for each meeting room (=who is allowed to do exactly what)
  • Take control for the various media elements (audio, video, chat, collaboration, whiteboards = e.g. mute all participants)
  • Turn on private or public chat in the virtual room
  • Multiple presentation options for your speakers (video, documents)
  • Various interaction possibilities for your participants (=based on the above-mentioned access configuration)
  • The best fit for: Virtual Workshops, virtual breaukout sessions, virtual meetings, virtual yoga sessions, virtual job interviews, etc.

Technical Specifications

  • Ensure that the virtual rooms are allowed to access the attendees cameras, screen and audio controls
  • Configuration of internal VPN's in order to get the virtual rooms open
  • Max. 15 participants per room which are simultaneously using video AND audio; max. 100 participants with video only; across all rooms up to 200 participants per virtual room (upgrade possible in increments of 200)
  • Session cookies has to be accepted
  • Only possible for logged-in participants (no public or anonymous access)
  • Server location is AWS (Amazon Webservies) Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Do not forget to the privacy policy in order to use the virtual room service
  • Optimized for desktop and notebook screens. Mobile devices up to tablet. Smartphone usage is not recommended.
  • Optimized for Internet Explorer > 11 as well as all common Internet browsers


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