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Hero Image Widget

The hero image widget represents your logo, brand and event information. The first impression will stick in your guests memory.

Hero Image Widget for Event Websites

Content Modul

Hero image widget - example 1
Hero image widget - example 2
Hero image widget - example 3

Layout / Functional specifications

The eye-catcher for your event

  • Image section feature at the top of your event website
  • Possible with an image, image gallery, simple background color or even an embedded video
  • Include an event countdown optionally
  • Enter headlines and descriptions and place a call to action button
  • Responsive layout in various styles and alignments (fullscreen, boxed, centered etc.)
  • Custom design adjustments according to your corporate design guidelines on request

Technical specifications

  • Allowed image files are .jpg, .png, .svg, .gif
  • Recommended image size is at least 1980 x 1080 px in 72dpi resolution
  • Embedded videos via YouTube or Vimeo link
  • Custom videos as .mp4 file with a maximum of 20MB
  • Optimized for desktop screens, notebook, tablet / pad and mobile phones
  • Optimized for Internet Explorer > 11 and all common Internet browsers

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