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Orientation is everything: To help your guests find their way around the venue, we include maps and directions.

Map Widget for Event Managers Guest Communication

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Unsere Map Variationen

Map - Option 1 - Map Left, Text Field On The Right
Map - Option 2 - Text Field Left, Map on the Right
Map - Option 3 - Map Over Entire Page Width

Graphic/Functional Specifications

  • Different display options
  • Freely definable text and button
  • Automatic determination of map section and map marker after address input
  • Adjustment of map zoom
  • Automatic route planner
  • Typical Google Maps functions (e.g., satellite, street view, zoom buttons)
  • Custom Google Maps on request

Technical specifications

We integrate map material from Google Maps into your event landing page. You only have to enter your address, and the corresponding map section will be displayed.

  • Targeted avoidance of Google tracking in the browsing history of your guests
  • You can use the widget once per page
  • Custom HTML/CSS as source code editor
  • Optimized for Desktop, Notebook, Tablet/Pad, and Smartphone
  • Optimized for Internet Explorer > 11 and all major browsers


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