Contact/Feedback Module

Registration Form Widget

This widget allows you to customize your subscriber registration.

Registration Form Widget for Meetings and Events

Contact/Feedback Module

Registration Form

Registration Form - Example 1 - Fields Side by Side
Registration Form - Example 2 - Fields Below Each Other

Graphical/Functional Specifications

The registration widget allows you to configure your data query freely.

  • Login and logout function (universal or individual passwords)
  • All standard form fields (e.g., free text, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown, file upload)
  • Multi-language support as well as global characters
  • Multi-step configuration
  • Optional fields, required fields, pre-filled or read-only fields
  • Different condition of fields among each other
  • Quota and waiting list management
  • Queries of transfer, program, or hotel data
  • Management of different guest groups
  • Management of accompanying persons

Technical specifications

  • Your guests' data is as safe as a bank.
  • Hosting of the data by AirLST AWS (server location Frankfurt) ISO-27001 certified
  • Secure transmission of data via SSL/TLS (https) protocols
  • Encryption (Transparent Database Encryption (TDE)) of database entries
  • Custom HTML/CSS editable in the source code editor
  • Optimized for display on a desktop, notebook, tablet/pad, and smartphone
  • Optimized for Internet Explorer > 11 and all major browsers


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