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With AirLST, you can overcome the challenges of organizing your events. Combine our participant management software with our tools for digital events or use the AirLST platform to broadcast your hybrid or virtual online events.

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Our participant management software helps you manage your guests and implement your virtual event: Simply select an event template, upload a guest list and send out invitations.

We ensure that you automatically keep an eye on your guests — whether on site, in virtual meeting rooms or in live chats.

Our experienced service team takes care of customizing at all touchpoints and integrates your own CRM and event tools upon request.

Professional Event Services

We automate your participant management processes and provide you with advice and assistance. Are you planning a new event format and are unsure how to implement it? Our products and event services convince you, but do you need further modifications? We are prepared for this: Tell us what you need and we will offer you an individual and tailor-made online solution that optimally complements your participant management.

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Fröhliche Gäste

Event and guest management for Munich Airport. The partner for events at Munich Airport.

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Case study for managing participants at master parties organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Regional Chambers of Crafts. With AirLST, champions are made.

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Case study on admission management for Uhlmann events. Smooth check-in processes — seamless integration.

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Case study about the introduction of AirLST subscriber management software for the events of telecommunications provider Telefonica.

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Case study for virtual events for fashion retailer Zalando. The participants also scream with happiness.

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Case study for Daimler's participant management. So that the star also shines at its events.

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Invitation management for top management: As part of this event, top management is invited and it is not even possible to cancel.

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For years, we have been providing participant management for events organized by medical device manufacturer medi.

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Case study for guest management at Interhyp events. Managing guests with AirLST. Invite, sign in, join.

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We have been working regularly for ENGIE (formerly COFELY) since 2014. From making an appointment at the exhibition stand, checking the handicap for the next golf event to classic customer invitations, everything is included in the colorful event portfolio.

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Case studies

What is participant management software?

Participant management software helps event managers to automate and digitalize participant management processes with the appropriate tools. This ranges from nomination and invitation, registration and on-site check-in to the subsequent evaluation of participants and their feedback. This is usually done through appealing email campaigns, intelligent online registration forms and customized event websites. A wide range of conditions guarantee compliance with workflows and guidelines and enable the automatic management of contingents, waiting lists or accompanying persons.

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A standardized process with participant management software can look like this, for example:

  • Email invitations direct guests to an event landing page with the click of a button.
  • On the event landing page, guests can find all relevant information about the event. This includes details about the event, location and travel information, details about the schedule and an area where guests can register.
  • The online registration form contains several fields for data queries: from contact details to catering selection, you can specify which information is required for event planning and participant logistics.
  • The data collected is automatically stored in a digital guest list. The guest list contains all the data on the individual participants and can be viewed by the event organizers at any time.
  • The participant management software is cloud-based and synchronizes all data in real time on all devices.
  • After registering, guests will receive a registration confirmation by e-mail. Tickets for the event will also be sent with the registration confirmation.
  • The tickets for the event have a QR code that is scanned at the entrance. As soon as a ticket has been scanned, the guest is marked as present in the guest list.
  • During the invitation process and after the event, the data in the guest list can be analyzed in detail.
  • In the dashboard, the event manager can see the current status at a glance at any time.
  • The participant management software can also be used to generate name badges that can be printed on site.
Attendee management software is therefore relevant before, during and after the event and has become indispensable in event management. Event planning is made easier above all by the constant reproducibility and scalability of events. In addition, attendee management software can be expanded with table seating, online payment systems, event apps or a platform for hybrid events.