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Why event agencies use AirLST as an attendee management tool

Offer your customers the best participant management experience and retain them with your agency in the long term. Let's expand the range of digital services offered by your event agency together. Whether on the web, as an event app or as company-wide event software. We support you with the pitch, respond individually to the requirements of your customers and are always by your side when it comes to the world of bits & bytes.

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automotive trade shows

AirLST is your expert for participant management at automotive trade shows. With our many years of experience, we understand the unique requirements and dynamics of these events. Our tailor-made solutions are characterized by precision, efficiency and a strong focus on the individual needs of our customers. Rely on AirLST to make your event smooth and successful — so you can fully concentrate on your presentation.


New car presentations

AirLST makes managing your new car presentation child's play. Our solution enables a seamless organization of complex invitation management processes for professional audiences such as journalists. From coordinating test cars to providing interlocutors and organising accommodation and catering — AirLST offers you the perfect illustration and management of all the specific challenges of your event.


As part of new car presentations or test drives, it is important to document exactly who used which car for a test drive and when. With AirLST, you have access to a digital logbook and keep track of everything at all times.

Show room events

Showroom events are a proven means of customer loyalty in the automotive industry. With AirLST, you design perfect invitations for existing customers and potential prospects and thus create valuable new contact points for your brand. Rely on AirLST to effectively plan your events and strengthen customer loyalty


Lead management for test drives

Effective lead management is one of the key success factors for new car sales. With AirLST, you can easily and quickly design perfect registration forms for leads or test drives. In this way, AirLST primarily supports branches and authorized workshops in initiating new customer relationships.

TISAX certification

We are currently going through the TISAX certification process and will complete it in a timely manner. This certification is crucial for service providers in the automotive industry as it ensures the security and confidentiality of sensitive data. By meeting strict security standards in accordance with TISAX, we ensure that your data is in safe hands with us. This certification underlines our commitment to the highest safety and quality standards in all areas of our services.

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Participant management for the automotive industry: Efficient processes with AirLST

In the fast-moving automotive industry, it is crucial to optimize processes and make them efficient. This applies in particular to participant management at events, trade fairs and test drives. AirLST offers an innovative solution that is specifically tailored to the needs of the automotive sector and helps you save time and resources.

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Individual invitations in the manufacturer's corporate design
With AirLST, you can easily create and send individual invitations in your company's corporate design. In this way, you leave a professional impression on your customers and partners and strengthen your brand identity.

Logbooks for test drives
AirLST's digital solution enables you to create and manage logbooks for test drives. This gives you an overview of the kilometers traveled at any time and can use the data for marketing and sales activities.

Lead generation for test drives
AirLST offers an integrated lead generation feature that allows you to attract new prospects for test drives. In this way, you can effectively address your target group and promote sales of your vehicles.

Other benefits of AirLST:

Easy operation: AirLST's intuitive user interface makes it easy and efficient to use.
flexibility: AirLST can be flexibly adapted to your individual needs.
reliability: The solution is highly available and offers you maximum data security.
cost savings: AirLST helps you save time and resources and thus reduce your costs.

With AirLST, you can professionalize your participant management and significantly increase the efficiency of your processes in the automotive industry.

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