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Digital Guest List and Guest Manager

The guest list is the linchpin of every event. Our online guest manager collects and structures all relevant participant data and ensures complete documentation. An individual view of your guest list with comprehensive details, duplicate checks and numerous filter functions guarantee successful guest management.

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Easy data transfer

Easy import of your Guest List

Simply copy your list of participants to the online guest list and all the functions of the online guest manager will be available to you. The Tekkis among you can even use our API to sync all data from your systems with the guest list.

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Avoid data chaos

Duplicate check in the Guest Manager

Do some participants often appear on the guest list? Have you lost track of things and are your colleagues constantly adding new guests? With the integrated Duplicate check In our online guest manager, you can find duplicate records in no time at all and thus avoid unnecessary amounts of data.

Automated list management

The clever Guest List — activate quotas and waiting lists

We provide a comprehensive management option for contingents Ready of all types. Waiting lists are automated and Limits The number of guests or, for example, the number of goods such as shuttle vehicles can be set flexibly.

Dynamic tables & synchronous data

Individual Guest List view

Tables can be formatted according to individual requirements and wishes. The arrangements are saved as pre-sets and are therefore available again at any time. Thanks to the cloud-based guest manager, your guest list synchronizes in real time.

Data protection and information security

We are GDPR-Compliant

Data protection and information security are central components of AirLST's products and services. For this reason, we have implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of the data in your online guest list, which we are constantly updating.
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Individual guest lists

Filter and sort the Guest List

We offer extensive filter options for all information used in the digital guest list. Complex filters with multiple conditions can be easily combined with each other. Detailed presets and filter options allow individual exports with just a few clicks.

Reliable evaluation of your guest list

Transparency with the Guest Manager

How does the feedback process work? How many confirmations and rejections have already been received and where do you need to readjust? The guest list statistics keep you up to date at all times and evaluate your invitation process up to date.

Attendee management and virtual events

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With the online Guest Manager to an error-free Guest List

A cloud-based, digital guest list means that you manage your participants via a central hub where all information converges. Hardly anyone comes without a guest list event planning off. The guest list is the core of an event. All potential guests are listed here, all Confections and cancellations The planning of the event location, catering, seating, etc. Even open events where the participants are not known by name, is often documented and based on the guest list and its scope, there is often an additional guest list with special participants, employees, VIPs, friends, relatives. The guest manager structures all of your information Participant management.

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Works with a Participant management software Like AirLST, so will your Participant management easier and more efficient. After the participant data has been imported quickly and easily from contact management or an Excel file to the digital guest list, the data can be edited and updated manually at any time. Your guest list is not yet complete? Easily import additional guests from the updated guest list or manually enter individual new participants. Duplicate checks prevent unnecessary amounts of data and make team work easier. The guest list can be edited by various members of your team.The Changelog function ensures clarity and comprehensible editing of the guest list. This is because it not only records the changes to the guest data, but also stores which system user has made these changes. In addition, roles with different User rights be forgiven. This is particularly important when discretion plays a special role, because VIPs are on your guest list or you manage particularly sensitive events. For example, your guest managers can see all data and can also add guests, while other employees only have limited access to protect participants' data. This is because the online guest manager not only manages the names of the participants, but also all information that is available at registry were queried. In the case of a conference, for example, she manages the individual workshops that the guest has booked in the guest list. If dinner is planned, you can filter the guest list for vegetarians and vegans as well as for pescataries and meat eaters in order to plan the appropriate menu. If participants are allowed to bring accompanying persons, they will also be included in the guest list. Do you use AirLST as CRM and contact management This minimizes your effort more and more. Your customer and participant data is managed centrally, events and invitations can be easily assigned. Pre-filled registration forms make it easy for your guests to register. You can also use the guest list to control Quotas and waiting lists and groups participants into Participant groups, so that you can share different information with different guest groups. In order to structure a guest list in a meaningful way, data fields and tags set up, which assign specific information to each individual guest. This allows you to quickly and easily filter for guests from the same city or from the same sales group and deliver group-related, personalized content. Another advantage of a digital guest list is that you can automatically determine at any time when the list will be closed: on a specific date, as soon as a certain number of registrations has been received. You set the criterion. Invitations to your guests can by email or by post be shipped. Set up automated e-mail delivery within the system or filter the necessary data for mailing from the list. Use the email templates, then send with just a few clicks Save-the-Date Emails, an invitation, a reminder, tickets to the event and, after the event, a survey to your guest list or segments of the list. In the backend, you can check which guest has received which emails at any time. The digital guest list is also elementary when entering and checking in. In the guest list, the guest data is combined with a QR Code linked so that the guest is quickly and easily booked in upon admission. Guests who you Event ticket Have forgotten, can still be found using the name search in the guest manager. The data is synchronized in the cloud so that all devices used synchronize the information. So you always know who has already arrived and has A guest list that is always up to date.

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