Questions about the guest list

How can I generate a guest limit for my event?

This works via the "Settings" tab. Select the "Limits" menu item and activate the "Set guest limit" function.

Does the guest's waiting list status change automatically as soon as a place becomes available on the guest list?

The guest status does not automatically change from "Waiting list" to "Confirmed", this must be done manually by the event manager.

Invitation management questions

How can a participant unsubscribe from the event?

For closed events, the registration form allows the guest to choose between acceptance and cancellation.

How can you cancel your registration?

For closed events, the registration form offers the option to cancel the registration afterwards. Should the guest cancel their commitment.

Questions about event landing pages

Can I adjust or change my stored event information after the event has been created?

Yes, it works. To do this, go to the “Settings” tab and open the “Event Information”. You can now adjust the stored event information.

Can I add an additional language (English) after the event has been created?

Yes, it works. To do this, go to the “Settings” tab and open the “Event Settings”. Now you can add an additional language (English). Please note that the appropriate content must be entered for the landing page, emails and tickets

Is it possible to hide specific content for certain groups of people on our landing page?

Yes, it works for closed events. Use the permissions to do this. For more information on this topic, we recommend that you use our Help Center.

Can I change the URL of my event later?

Retrospectively, this only works via the user-defined domain, which is available for professional and enterprise customers. A subsequent change of the URL with regard to

Sonstige Fragen

Wo finde ich die Check-In-App

Über folgenden Link kannst du dir die IOS-Version der Check-In-App downloaden: bitte wende dich an das Support-Team solltest du die Android-Version der App benötigen

Kann ich bei einer Auswahlliste eine Mehrfachauswahl ermöglichen?

Zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt bietet das System nur die Möglichkeit eine Einzelauswahl anzubieten.
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