Our case study on Daimler

For the Daimler Supplier Award, our customer needs a differentiated save-the-date mailing and comprehensive registration for various groups of participants. Guests should be able to register accompanying persons and may appoint a representative if unable to attend. Surveys will be carried out with AirLST before and after the event. That is why individual reporting is also essential. Should any questions or problems arise during registration, guests can contact AirLST directly.




seconds per name tag


months of project duration

AirLST solution

We set up an individual landing page in the customer's design and integrate a customized registration form that meets all Daimler requirements. Different groups of participants are shown different information, the guests can register accompanying persons and are asked to name a representative in case of cancellation.

The mailings and landing page will also send a survey module to all participants both before and after the event. In order to guarantee comprehensive and fast support, guests can contact AirLST email support at any time. We install a print station at the entrance and print the name tags for all guests in seconds when checking in via the AirLST app.

More information
  • Individual registration process with different adjustments for each group of participants
  • Nameplate print
  • Individual survey module
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