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AirLST has 294 years of professional experience. For 203 customers, we have organized over 5,000 events with over ten million participants from 112 countries. 10.8 TB of data were moved and 9.8 million lines of code were programmed. There is also time for 20 partners and 18 children on four continents. We speak twelve languages and certainly yours too. Any more questions?

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You don't need a native app to give your visitors an app experience. With the “Add to homescreen” function, participants can save their web app to their home screen. From now on, all functions look like a native app — without the disadvantages of a native app (development costs, screen sizes, etc.)

Personalisierte Agenda

Personalized agenda

With a personalized agenda, participants can create their own agenda of sessions and events. This increases the relevance of the information for every user, improves user experience and satisfaction, and can promote participation in events.


AirLST GmbH, based in Munich city center not far from the Eisbachwelle, has been an important partner on the event market since 2009 and supports its customers in the area of digital participant management and beyond. Regardless of whether it is a government meeting, the BMW dealer conference, the finale of Germany's Next Topmodel or the summer party at Munich Airport — everything from classic customer invitations and trade fairs to major events is in our colorful portfolio and is individually programmed for each customer.

Ticket in the page

Buying tickets directly on the website simplifies the buying process for participants, increases the conversion rate and turnover, can reduce waiting times and queues on site and at the same time offers more convenience.


Chat among participants

A chat among participants enables communication and exchange with each other, promotes networking and a sense of community, increases the satisfaction and commitment of participants and can lead to new business contacts and collaborations.

Location Plans

Interactive maps and directions to the venue make it easier for participants to find their way around and get there, improve user experience and satisfaction, and can reduce stress and frustration.

Surveys & Surveys

Surveys and surveys make it possible to collect feedback from users and participants, provide valuable insights for improving the website and events, promote user involvement and satisfaction, and can lead to new ideas and innovations.


Exhibitor directory

An exhibitor directory provides participants with information about exhibitors and their products, makes it easier to contact and initiate business, increases the value of the event for participants and exhibitors, and can lead to new business deals.

Community - Posts - Likes - Comments

A community with posts, likes, and comments allows participants to exchange ideas, opinions and experiences, promotes networking and a sense of community, increases participant satisfaction and engagement, and can strengthen brand recognition and customer loyalty.

List of participants with vCards

A list of participants with vCards offers participants the opportunity to get in touch with each other, promotes networking and exchange, increases the value of the event for participants and can lead to new business contacts and collaborations.

SMS Gateway

SMS gateway for 
push messages

An SMS gateway for push messages allows participants to send important information and updates via SMS. This increases the reach and timeliness of communication, can promote participation in events and the use of the website, and increases the satisfaction and commitment of participants.

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Web app vs. native app: The benefits of a web app at a glance

Web apps and native apps are two popular ways to deliver digital applications. But which variant is more suitable for your project? In this text, we highlight the advantages of web apps over native Android or iOS apps and show you why this solution can be the ideal choice for many companies.

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1. Platform independence and wider reach: Web apps run platform-independently in any standard web browser. This means that users can use your app on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer without the need for installation. This gives you a significant advantage over native apps that are limited to a specific operating system in terms of reach and ease of use.

2. Lower development and maintenance costs: Developing a web app typically requires less resources and time than creating native apps for various platforms. Maintaining and updating web apps is also much easier, as changes can be made centrally on the server and do not have to be adapted separately for each operating system.

3. Quick and easy deployment: Once completed, web apps can be published immediately without being subject to an app store review process. This enables you to launch and update your application significantly faster.

4. No installation hurdles for users:
Web apps run directly in the browser, eliminating the hassle of downloading and installing them from an app store for users. This significantly lowers the barrier to using your application and provides a better user experience.

5. Automatic updates: Web apps update themselves automatically as soon as new versions are available on the server. Users don't have to worry about updates themselves, which ensures the security and compatibility of your application.

6. Accessibility and Accessibility: Web apps follow web standards and are therefore generally designed to be barrier-free. This means that they are also easier to use by people with disabilities.

7. Integration with existing web technologies: Web apps can be easily integrated with other web technologies and services. This allows you to seamlessly link your application with existing websites, social media channels, and other online presences.

Conclusion: Web apps offer a number of significant advantages over native apps, in particular in terms of platform independence, cost efficiency, usability and accessibility. Web apps are therefore the ideal choice for many companies that want to reach a broad target group and expand their digital presence quickly and easily.

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