Recurring Events

Case Study Telefónica


Customer Request

The customer needs a flexible business solution that can be adapted to his planning and during the term of the contract. Since the AirLST tool is operated independently by the customer and all events are planned separately, the focus is on simple reproducibility. All templates are configured on the customer's CD.

Technical Solution

The AirLST Studio allows the customer to adapt his templates quickly and flexibly via drag & drop. Specific content can be exchanged quickly and easily. Automated landing pages, ticket templates and default emails in the customer's design help to plan the individual events clearly and independently.

Key Facts

Participants: Flexible and individually adaptable participant and event contingent

Performance peroiod: Ongoing

Special Features

  • Flexible solution that can be adapted to the customer's planning during the runtime
  • Self-service by the customer



Planning Step by Step

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