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Admission Management

Not only before, but also during the event, AirLST accompanies you, supports your entry management, and provides you with the necessary hardware.


Hardware & Support

To concentrate fully on your event, we are happy to provide a competent team to support you on-site actively and with the necessary hardware.


Admisson Management with Experts

Often the devil is in the details. Whether you need a guaranteed power supply during check-in, a stable Wi-Fi connection, or a sufficient number of printer cartridges in stock: a lot has to be taken into account when managing access. We are on your side to support you.The best technology is useless if you can't operate it. On your request, we are happy to provide you with trained personnel or support and instruct your staff on-site.So you can concentrate on the essentials: Your event and your guests.

Admisson Management with Experts


Ticket Scanning

With our native iOS app for Apple devices, on-site check-in is quick and easy. You can install the app on your own devices or rent pre-configured devices from us. All according to your wishes and your specific admission management.


On-site Printing

AirLST offers you the necessary hardware for on-site printing. Whether you need a high-quality name badge, luggage tag, individual wristbands or any other media to be printed on, we have the right printer for you to rent and will be happy to make it available for your admission management.


On-site Infrastructure Setup

We would be happy to set up an independent network for you at your event location. With our AirLST App, iBeacons, NFC Bracelets, and many other options, we can add live data to your AirLST account. This way, you always have up-to-date statistics about your event at your disposal.


Hardware Rental

Your attendees will be managed digitally, but some hardware is still needed, especially for your admission management. We take care of the necessary technology such as: Printer, scanner and router. Talk to us.

On-site Infrastructure Setup
SMS Notifications


SMS Notifications

Believe it or not. The SMS is still the most popular notification channel, and it cannot be turned off. So should your messages arrive: Send them by SMS. Get notified by SMS as soon as your guests arrive and inform your attendees by SMS about delays, room changes, etc. This makes your admission management professional and efficient, even in the case of unforeseen incidents.

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On site, AirLST takes care of the admission management and provides the necessary hardware, such as printers, routers and scanners, so that the admission management can be carried out smoothly and to the satisfaction of everyone. Professional admission management is the business card (you wrote above that the landing page is the business card) of an event. Guests who have to stand in line for a long time at the beginning of an event or who have to go through uncoordinated admission processes will be less satisfied than guests who are treated quickly and competently at the entrance. Admission management is a special challenge for anyone responsible for guest management. High numbers of attendees and different guest groups and multiple entrances are the biggest difficulties. All these factors must be coordinated for good admission management. Automation, digitalization and synchronous data facilitate the complex processes in admission management. Without structured and precise planning, optimal admission management in this context is hardly conceivable. Digitization and automation facilitate the complex processes. Different guest groups can be easily categorized and managed in a guest registration software such as AirLST. Tickets and invitations to an event must allow quick access to the event location. Friendly admission staff who welcome visitors, check tickets quickly and thoughtfully, distribute name badges and wish the event a pleasant atmosphere, without the delays caused by queuing or searching for the right name badge: this is what efficient admission management should look like. The more visitors are expected and the more guest groups they form, the more complex the process becomes. Short waiting times and smooth check-in are the hallmarks of the professionalism of an event and its admission management.

Swift admission and good-humoured staff increase the comfort of the visitors and pave the way for a successful event. An efficient, digitally supported admission management system that enables a smooth process is essential for this. The system must be fast, because the guest volume is high. Satisfied visitors, who can gain access quickly and easily, are the focus here. Instead of pre-produced and alphabetically sorted name badges, a professional, automated and above all fast immediate printing on site saves waiting times and optimizes admission management. Visitors who have already paid for their ticket online go straight to the entrance, scan their QR Code and gain access to the event without increasing the waiting times of other visitors who have to register on site and pick up their name badge on their first visit. And finally, the use of admission management software also means that after the event, all data collected can be evaluated. How many guests actually attended the event, on which days were they there? Which guests were not reached via the system? Important data to further optimize admission management in the future.