Invitation Management

By sending out your invitation, you are starting to communicate your event and get in direct contact with your potential guests. AirLST usually accomplishes this process by e-mail. Do you prefer to send your invitations by regular mail? That is no problem for AirLST. Even postal invitations can be aligned with your online invitation management.


Invite your Guest to Register for your Event

For your invitations, use our e-mail template editor, pictures and texts can be quickly and easily exchanged or adapted, tickets will be sent flexibly. AirLST is a highly flexible tool for your invitation management.


E-Mail Template Editor

The AirLST email templates offer you a structured framework for invitations, confirmations, and all other emails. You can exchange texts and images by drag & drop so that you independently make content changes at any time. If you have specific wishes, we will be happy to create individual e-mail templates for you.


Email Statistics

Emails generate a central communication channel with your guests. Adjust your invitation management using the information the email statistics provide you. With AirLST, you know at any time whether your mailings have arrived, been opened, or could not be delivered.


Flexible Ticketing

The AirLST Ticket Editor creates your tickets with QR Codes as PDF or as PKPass file for Apple Wallet. Thus your guests can print the tickets or bring them on their phones. Your admission staff scans the QR Codes at the entrance. All tickets are regularly generated in AirLST design. Of course, you can upgrade this function and individualize your tickets with your corporate design. This makes your invitation management even more comfortable.


Payment Integration

For chargeable events, AirLST offers the Integration of a payment system that generates invoices automatically in your CI and number cycle. Contact us, and we will develop an individual payment solution together with you.

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An important and not to be underestimated part of event planning is the invitation management. Whether trade fair, conference, gala or incentive, the organisation of every event includes an attentive invitation management. For guests, the invitation is the first impression they get of an event. Therefore, graphics and design play an important role in invitation management. Invitation management should therefore always consider the motivating factor of the invitations themselves. Invitations, no matter whether they are sent by e-mail or by post, must therefore be visually appealing, draw attention to the event in an appropriate manner, reflect its orientation and be based on the corporate design of the host. Invitation management does not only include the invitation itself. A save-the-date can be sent out in advance, and after the invitation a registration confirmation is sent out if the registration is successful, or regrets are expressed if it is declined. Invitation management also includes the process of sending tickets, the thank-you mail after the event and, if necessary, surveys. Careful and foresighted planning of the invitation management is therefore essential. With the first invitation the guests are directed to the event landing page where the event registration takes place. Invitation management is therefore a part of the general event management and is closely interwoven with the management of guests, their acceptances and cancellations. A software tool such as AirLST, which handles the guest management of an event, therefore offers an invitation management that is coordinated with the entire guest management. This invitation management is created in the corporate design of the event and automatically sent to all guests. The sending of tickets is also part of the invitation management. Flexible ticket formats are attached to e-mails or sent as wallet tickets or by post as a printed QR code. The event statistics provide information about the success of the invitation management at any time.