Recurring Events

Case Study Medi

Medicine and Health

Customer Request

The customer needs a flexible business solution that can cover recurring events in different formats. Due to industry-specific practice, participants and guests must be able to be assigned to various representatives. It must also be possible to assign participant quotas to the individual representatives. Of course, all landing pages, e-mails and tickets should correspond to the customer's corporate design.

Technical Solution

Since the customer needs to be able to implement his events at short notice, we use standardized landing page templates that can be adapted quickly and easily. We set up individual contingents for the representatives. The corporate design of the company is reflected in all templates and tickets, so that only specific content such as text and images need to be exchanged from event to event.

Key Facts

Participants: Flexible number of participants distributed over 30 events

Performance period: Ongoing

Special Features

  • Fast implementation of the individual events
  • Quotas at representative level



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