Recurring Events

Case Study Interhyp


Customer Request

For our customer Interhyp we implement regularly recurring events. The focus is on simple reproducibility as well as fast and short-term implementation of projects. Therefore, all projects are designed in such a way that the customer can make changes independently and flexibly.  Naturally, all landing pages, forms, mailings and tickets are always designed in the customer's corporate design. A survey module is an integral part of the agreed participant management package.

Technical Solution

The customer uses AirLST as a CRM system to manage his contacts and events. To meet the customer's requirements, we use Automated Landingpages, which can be adapted by the event team itself and are easy to reproduce. Of course, everything is designed in the corporate design of the company. An individual survey module enables the detailed evaluation of the individual events.

Key Facts

Participants: 4000 participants over 30 events
Performance period: Ongoing

Special Features

  • Individual events must be implemented quickly and at short notice
  • Self-service by the customer
  • Individual Survey Module

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