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Consumer Goods / Medical Devices

Customer Request

Invitation management for the top management: During this event the top management is invited and a cancellation is not even possible. Needless to say, these invitations are not processed by the invited persons themselves, but by the respective assistants.

Technical Solution

The AirLST system has a proxy function for invitations. This means that not only the invited persons themselves, but also the designated deputies have access to the system. In this way, it can be ensured that all relevant data is managed and maintained in the correct system. With the Re-Login function data can be changed again and again, whereby permanently changing schedules are sufficient. In addition, the VISA registration took place via the AirLST system. Prior to the event, the guests were divided by the event team into a large number of workshops. With the AirLST SMS function, the participants were notified of their next appointment ten minutes before the next workshop. This service was very well received by all participants as internet-based communication was not possible due to the situation on site. During the three-day event we were responsible for the accreditation as well as for the hospitality desk on site.

Key Facts

Participants: 150
Performance period: 2016 - 2018

Special Features

  • CC function for assistants (-inside)
  • VISA administratio
  • SMS notifications



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