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Customer Request

Our customer organizes movie premieres for amazon prime to which VIPs, actors, and employees are invited. In addition, there are raffles for fans, where tickets for fan premieres are awarded.

What the customer requires is a landing page and registration template that can be used for each new film and a design based on the style of amazon prime video. In order to obtain reliable statistics from the fan raffles, it is also important to be able to track which advertising channels the fans use to access the event landing page.

Technical Solution

We develop a template in the look & feel of amazon prime video. To display different premieres, we set up an exchangeable header. The specific data for the venue and times can be adjusted in the backend.

For the fan raffles, we create an open registration. Channel-specific passwords allow identifying which social media the fans are using to apply for the premiere. After registration, a lottery chooses the winners. All players will receive a notification, and the winners also receive a premiere ticket.

To register VIPs, actors, and staff, we create a closed registration. A personal access code for registration is sent with the invitation. In the backend, it's possible to specify which guests can bring accompanying persons and how many. Tickets for the event come with the confirmation email.

Key Facts

Guests: 400-800
Gambler: 10,000
Performance period: since 2018

Special Features

  • A universal template
  • Different guest categories
  • Management of lotteries



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