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Case Study Aida Launching

Open Air Event

Customer Request

The naming ceremony took place during the AIDA Open Air Festival with 25,000 visitors. As usual at events of this kind, a large number of VIPs were also invited. Depending on the respective guest category, different information had to be requested and assigned to the different contact persons. The event had a total of eight participant groups and four hotel contingents.

Technical Solution

Within the framework of this project, the harmonisation of participant data played a central role. Each participant was assigned to a unique contact person by AIDA. Each guest was assigned an individual contingent of accompanying persons, which made the seating for the dinner a real challenge.

After the smooth registration phase, the individual event experience was planned for all participants with the help of the AirLST system: From hotel bookings and shuttle transfers to seats for dinner.
All information was managed centrally and made available to the guest via Infomail. During the event, we were on-site with a large team to guarantee smooth technical operations. In a total of four hotels the AirLST team was responsible for the event check-in and the individual ticketing. After dinner the launching was clebrated with an impressive laser show and finally the world-famous DJ David Guetta played for the thousands of visitors. All in all the whole event was an absolute highlight for AirLST and we are very proud to have been an important part of this great event.

Key Facts

Participants: 25.000+
Performance period: 2018

Special Features

  • Large number of guest groups
  • Print function for seat tickets



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