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Our AirLST Check-in App

Reliable supporting you, AirLST allows you to register your guests on arrival. That's how you keep an eye on your guest list at all times.

Our AirLST Check-in App


Access Management with AirLST  

The check-in app enables you to register your guests quickly and easily on-site. You can find every guest using the QR code scan or the search function. Your cloud-based guest list is continuously synchronized on all devices. So you can check the current status anytime and anywhere. You can install the check-in app on your own iOS devices. According to your wishes, we, alternatively, lend you preconfigured iPhones or iPads.

Filterfunktionen in der Check-in-App


The Check-in Apps Filter Functions  

Configure your AirLST Check-in App individually.  You determine which contents of your guest list you need for check-in. That makes your guest list slim and functional for admission. You can use the filter function at any time to see which guests have not yet been checked-in or to proof the status of individual guests.

Notifications in der Check-in-App


Using Notifications

During check-in, notifications automatically display specific information, which you have related to a guest. This ensures that your VIP manager knows when VIPs arrive and that your staff will send your guests to the correct course room.

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The AirLST check-in app comes in a fresh and clean design, so that you can manage your guests in a clear and structured way and register them at the check-in desk. The mobile guest solution should be as quick and easy as possible to keep your guests happy. At the same time, a check-in app for the users, i.e. your admission staff, should be easy to use. AirLST regularly revises the check-in app to improve usability, menu navigation and speed.

The AirLST Check-in App is characterized by its flexibility. In the settings, you can individually determine which content is required. This keeps the check-in app lean and as functional as you need it to be. It's no problem to manage several guest lists at the same time. You can use the navigation to select the current guest list or combine several lists with each other. As soon as you are in a guest list, functions such as filters or requests for guest details are displayed in pop-up windows if required. The AirLST check-in app has a feature called Notifications that notifies the user of additional information about the guest as soon as they check in. For example, the check-in staff will be informed that guest A is participating in workshop B if the guest has previously registered for it. They can then point out the correct room to the guest and give him the correct material. The check-in app also notifies them if a guest wants to check in who has never confirmed their visit. The check-in app will then ask you if you want to confirm and check in the guest later. The AirLST Check-in App also makes checking in accompanying persons clear and uncomplicated. Companions that a guest has registered are displayed next to the guest's name with a +x. Once these companions are clicked, they can be checked in separately.