AirLST ONE for a singular event

Are you planning a singular event? There are long periods between your events, or they only take place irregularly? Then AirLST ONE is the right choice for you and your singular event.


Managing a Singular Event

AirLST ONE offers you everything you need to register your attendees of a singular event: Invitation mailing, landing pages, registration forms, and check-in app. If required, you can upgrade the individual functions at any time and configure them individually with our add-ons so that you can tailor the range of features adequately to your project. You decide how you want to design your invitation process. We support and advise you.

The AirLST Solution for a Singular Event
The AirLST Solution for a Singular Event

Use AirLST ONE to lay the foundation for efficient event registration. AirLST ONE works cloud-based, automates your invitation process, and adapts to your requirements. Whether employee workshop, customer event, conference, or gala.

AirLST ONE is the right solution for individual circumstances. The basic version includes up to 1,000 guests. If you expect more than 1,000 guests, you can upgrade your guest volume at any time.

2 System Users
2 System Users

AirLST ONE provides two accounts for system users. If you require more than two accounts, you can book additional user accounts at any time. You decide on the rights granted to the users. May changes be made? Who may send e-mails? Or is only check-in access for the app required? You decide on the respective user rights.

2 System Users
Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success Team accompanies your event expertly and reliably. It ensures that you and your team can use the AirLST software effectively for your event registration. Screen Shares and Tutorials familiarize you with AirLST. We will answer your questions, and our specialists will be happy to help you with technical problems. Often small difficulties can be solved in the twinkling of an eye. More complex requests need time to be carefully examined. We process your requests from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm within 48 hours (holidays are excluded).

On request, we can also provide you with a personal project manager as a reliable contact and competent expert for your project.

GDPR Conformity & Server Location in Germany
GDPR Conformity & Server Location in Germany

AirLST ensures secure data management according to EU-GDPR standards. Managing the registration of your attendees means that you are responsible for sensitive data. Your attendees rely on the fact that the protection of their data is guaranteed. As a contract data processor, AirLST supports you by encrypting and protecting all data by following the General Data Protection Regulation. The data is stored on a server in Germany. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding data protection. You can also have an individual data protection declaration for the landing page of your event compiled by AirLST.

Ticket Editor

Create tickets for a singular event as PDF, QR code, or as a PKPass file for Apple Wallet in our AirLST ticket editor. Your guests can print their tickets or bring them with them on their phones and have them scanned by your admission staff. All tickets are regularly generated in our AirLST design. Of course, you can upgrade this function and individualize your tickets with your corporate design.

Event Dashboard
Event Dashboard

Get statistics, and coordinate after-sales with our event dashboard: How many registrations have already been made? Who canceled? And what's the status of the contingents? AirLST offers you comprehensive statistics before, during, and after the event, based on your live data. So you can react early to developments and get a detailed overview of your facts right from the start. Are your requirements more specific? We program the event statistics according to your wishes and enable individually required statistics.

Landing Page Editor
Landing Page Editor

You coordinate the registration and administration of your guests via the landing page of your singular event. Your guests register via this page and will find all relevant information on it. The AirLST landing page template offers all the essential functions you need for your invitation process. You can present your event, communicate dates, introduce contact persons, and handle the registration of your guests. If you have specific requirements, an upgrade is possible at any time, and we will be happy to create your individual template according to your wishes.

Basic Registration Form
Basic Registration Form

The registration is a central process of your event management; here, you enter feedback, coordinate requirements and wishes, and query all relevant data of your guests. The regular AirLST registration form contains simple query fields into which your guests can enter their data or choose from suggestions.  In addition to your registration, you can offer your guests one or more companions to register, and for more complex surveys, you can use grouped, dynamic, or limited query fields. An upgrade allows you to implement such query fields in your individually configured registration form.


With your mailing, you communicate your event and get in direct contact with your potential guests. AirLST's email templates offer you a structured framework for invitations, registration confirmations, ticket dispatch, and thank you notes. Texts and images can be flexibly exchanged or adapted by you. If you have specific wishes, we will be happy to create individual email templates for you, according to your requirements.

The AirLST Check-in App
The AirLST Check-in App

With the AirLST app for Apple devices, on-site check-in is quick and easy. Your guest list synchronizes itself on all devices so that you can check the current status anytime and anywhere. You can install the AirLST app on your own iOS devices; alternatively, we lend you preconfigured iPhones or iPads.


Modifications and Customizations

Our upgrades and add-ons can individually supplement the individual modules of AirLST ONE.



More than 1,000 Guests

Personal Project Manager

Additional System User

Customized Landing Pages

Complex Registration Forms

Additional Email Templates

Advanced Dashboard Features



Contact & CRM Module

API to Third Party Module

Payment Module

Survey Module

Seating Module

SMS Module

Customized Domain and Email Account

On-Site Support by AirLST

Name Badges

Hardware Rental
(e.g. iPhones, Printer, Router)  

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The Following Companies Are Using AirLST ONE

Our customers rely on reliable management of large and small data sets, comprehensive statistics, and reports for accurate evaluation and service-oriented guest communication. AirLST ONE is successfully used by companies, agencies, and public institutions for singular events, whether they are small meetings or major events.

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With AirLST ONE,  you manage your singular event successfully and smoothly. AirLST ONE is precisely the right solution if you only plan a singular event and need to coordinate all processes precisely. Attendee registration for a singular event requires proper and structured planning. If you organize a singular event, then you rarely use templates and samples. After all, a singular event move with the times and must be individualized and up-to-date. Our Customer-Success-Team supports you in all steps of planning your event. AirLST ONE offers you all features for efficient planning of a singular event. With a landing page, registration form, invitation management, ticketing, and the check-in app, you have a base on which to build. Using the e-mail editor, you can quickly and conveniently customize content yourself. Of course, our project managers are at your side at all times to help you with adaptation and change requests. Our on-site service team will also be happy to assist you. Whether you need printers for name tags or iPhones for check-in, ask us, and we will make you a suitable offer. In our modular system for a singular event, you can choose precisely the features that optimally support your planning and are necessary to be  successful. Rely on the cloud-based software solution, which continually updates your data and makes changes immediately visible. Trust the automated invitation dispatch for a singular event in AirLST ONE and evaluate your event statistics during and after the event planning so that you can adjust your actions and benefit from the experience values in the future.

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