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Café Kaiserschmarrn at Oktoberfest

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Customer Request

Café Kaiserschmarrn is a popular meeting place for young and old. During the Oktoberfest, the 400 seats fill up again and again with changing visitors for 16 days. Regular guests have felt at home here since 2007, and these regular guests have to be taken into the new reservation and CRM system.

Technical Solution

We program the appropriate import routines so that existing data can be transferred smoothly into the new system. This way, the customer can easily move contacts and optimize contact management at the same time. All guest-related data such as desired tables, food selection, voucher numbers, and guest categories are now managed and organized centrally via AirLST. Of course, the corresponding booking confirmations and invoices, as well as proof of payment, are noted in the system, so that all data can be stored and evaluated in one place. Kitchen lists and coupons can be generated from the customer's booking list in a structured and precise manner. All vouchers are automatically provided with consecutive numbers and assigned to the reservations: In this way, accounting with AirLST can always be handled in GoBD-compliant manner.

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Performance Period

Special Features

  • Migration of a large stock of existing data
  • Complete CRM function
  • GoBD compliant invoices

Café kaiserschmarrn


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