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January 27, 2022

Why virtual events are here to stay

New updates to our features

Virtual events are here to stay. The Corona pandemic has clearly boosted the development of virtual event technologies, and new formats have emerged that serve as substitutes for live events and deliver their full impact online. Whether trade shows, conferences, product launches, or employee training: As virtual events, these event formats gain additional flexibility that ensures their reach is increased.

Expectations of virtual events

For virtual events to be successful, they need to meet some expectations. But as time goes on, so do the expectations of organizers and participants. And these can be named very specifically:

  • Usability
  • Content 
  • Networking 

As participants in virtual events become increasingly adept at navigating virtual platforms, the focus shifts to content. Efficiency in terms of product and knowledge transfer characterizes virtual formats. Another focus is on the formation of a community. The informal exchange and networking effect of physical events should not be neglected in the virtual.

AirLST's new features

To meet our customers' expectations for virtual events, we are constantly developing our platform. New features address the current needs of users. In close contact with the users of our solution, we elicit wishes and needs. Our latest feature is the Social Wall. Here, participants post photos or short videos on given tasks or suggestions. Posts can be liked and commented on by other users. We have expanded our networking features to allow participants to exchange ideas 1:1. They can now do this via chat, video calls, postings, and commenting. Obviously, the focus is shifting from passively consuming a virtual event to more interaction and participation. Hybrid formats are also contributing to this. For example, we are currently working on formats that use presence buddies to bring users at home into contact with guests on site. Via mobile devices, attendees are also part of the virtual event, expanding the radius of online attendees.

Covid remains present

Soon, measures against Covid will still characterize routines at on-site events. Contact tracking and check-in are thus sensitive processes that must be handled carefully to be Covid-compliant. To simplify processes and handle event organizers and admissions staff, we are currently working on integrating the CovPass app into our AirLST check-in app. Admissions staff will then document and check vaccination or testing credentials without switching apps. Virtual and hybrid events are evolving and emancipating themselves from classic face-to-face events to become independent formats of the future by combining the best of both worlds and increasingly intertwining them.

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