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August 24, 2019

Welcome to AirLST!

We are your Experts for Guest Registration

Hello, we are AirLST, a dedicated and productive team working on the digital future and taking care of your guests and registration management. So glad you’re here. AirLST is all about a smarter, easier and more efficient guest solutions. We support everyone who plans events and handles guest data by simplifying invitation processes.

Our Story

Developed 2011 in Munich, AirLST grew up as part of the Links der Isar family, a company with over 15 years’ expertise in digital communication. Started as a side project, AirLST extended from cloud-based software solution for guest management to today’s company by the same name.
Meanwhile, we work with agencies and companies from different industries to connect them with their guests, employees, and customers, wherever they are and whatever they plan. This ranges from small workshops to huge sports events, gala dinner or product launches. Whenever a guest solution is needed, we are at your disposal. Guestlist management, event website setup, email invitations, ticket creation and dispatch, and admission management are all part of AirLST's service package.

Our Mission

We are driven by a constant curiosity about innovative technologies, our dedication to successful events and the commitment to our customer’s visions. Continually we are working to improve our guest registration and always find suitable solutions for our customers. In doing so, service and productive contact are very dear to us. We thrive on outperforming expectations. Our goal is to pioneer the most advanced guest solution. And we have fun doing it.

With each project, we create something new. We want to reduce complexity and find solutions that make work more accessible - for our customers and us. With commitment, we work for the visions of our customers and give everything for the successful conversion of their events. We firmly believe in the digital future of the event industry and contribute to it with AirLST, the solution for digital guest registration.

Where we are at Home

Based in the city centre of Munich and very close to the English Garden AirLST developed a creative, agile and international environment.

Here we are provided with fruits and Schokobons. Some of us are involved in a long history of foosball tournaments. We are super digital, the resulting purism on the analogue desk is relativized by many colorful post-its and lovingly cultivated plants. Car drivers are in the minority. Whether we come by bike or by public transport often depends on the weather. We are still looking for the perfect coffee, the tea drinkers prefer very different flavours and the most beautiful ritual comes with Mate anyway.

Our office is located on the 1st floor of the FuturHaus. The first ultra-low-energy building in the heart of Munich. Here we are working to create a company culture that enables a creative workforce, diverse culture and inspired community, where we listen to and learn from each other. Our shared focus on excellent results and the desire for steady growth and improvement keeps us on the road to success.

We are curious about you and look forward to getting to know you. Your guest management is our next challenge. Let's become partners and plan the best events together.


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