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August 25, 2020

UPDATE: Improved AirLST Backend

Software Update: new AirLST Backend

UPDATE: Happy to present our new AirLST backend

We have spent the last weeks and months improving our software usability and developing new features that make working with AirLST more enjoyable and more accessible. In this process, we have adapted the backend and are happy to present it new and fresh today. The email template editor and the new ticket editors make event communication even more convenient. In addition to the menu bar and toolbox, all pop-ups and alerts have been given a new, modern look. Among our new features, you can discover a placeholder manager, set default table presets, a new media manager (drag & drop), automated fields for data protection, and new preview functions. The settings let you define exactly which features you want to use, so your user interface is clear and functional.

A new dashboard of your events and guest lists

In your account, all events are now displayed in a well-structured grid view.  A preview image provides a quick visual assignment of your planned activities and each event is marked with its current status and an overview of the ongoing feedback. With one click, you can then go to the guest list editing mode or the landing page. Using the sort function, you can also display your events in the table view again and sort them as desired. 

The new Email Template Editor

The new Email Template Editor simplifies the planning and structuring of your guest communication. You simply assign the appropriate email templates to your event and edit everything on the spot. With the help of labels, you can group and identify the individual templates even better. The new view also makes it easier to send emails to multiple guests. If a recipient does not have an email address, it is now also displayed more clearly in the preview. Besides, sending an email to multiple people is now done directly as a pop-up within the guest list, so you don't have to leave the guest list. The status bar always shows you at which step of the email sending process you are currently working on. In addition to the sending itself, the view after sending a message has also been redesigned. You can now see everything necessary at a glance and no longer have to click through several tabs. Our new message history also shows you very quickly whether a message was delivered or was incorrect. And you can now also evaluate the number of openings and clicks if the message was provided successfully.

The new ticket editors for PDFs and wallets

Tickets can now also be created quickly and efficiently as wallets or PDF in the new editor.  To simplify the creation and editing of a wallet ticket, we have introduced a simple Click & Edit concept. All changeable elements of the wallet ticket can be clicked on in the preview window and edited directly in the editor. To create PDF tickets the editor works very similar. You can select different elements of the ticket by clicking on them and then edit them. There are various templates available for editing. Of course, we also create customized templates according to your wishes.

We are looking forward to your experiences with the new backend, and of course, we are happy to receive your feedback.


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