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April 9, 2020

The Perfect Invitation Management

Invitation management with AirLST guest solutions.

Five steps to a perfect invitation management

Invitation management is also becoming increasingly digital. However, paper cards and invitations sent by post are still considered to be of high quality and, with growing digital communication, are becoming the preferred choice for special events and guests. The majority of invitations are now sent by e-mail. However, a postal invitation can also be integrated into digital invitation management and combined with digital registration. A printed link or QR code then takes the invited persons to the registration page. But let's take a look at the most important aspects of digital invitation management by e-mail at this point.

With the invitation, your guests will get a first impression of the upcoming event. Meaningful invitation management is, therefore, an essential component of event planning. Clear information and an appealing design appeal to the guests and increase their willingness to accept. One more reason to take a look at these five points for perfect invitation management.

1. Save the date

Whether you are planning an employee workshop, a summer party, or a trade fair, integrate a save-the-date mailing into your invitation management. Your participants' calendars fill up quickly, so make sure that the date is already noted when your planning is still in its infancy.

2. Corporate Design

Take care of an attractive design that reflects the mood, atmosphere, and intention of your event. The Save the Date, as well as the invitation and the event landing page, should be connected by a common theme. This theme of your invitation management is the corporate design of your event. The guests can immediately recognize from which event they are contacted.

3. Simple acceptance and rejection management

Invitees should be able to accept or reject with just a few clicks. The best way is to integrate a clearly visible button in the invitation e-mail that redirects potential participants to an event landing page. The options I participate, or I do not participate are available here. Only after confirmation, a registration form will open to request the required data of the participants. This keeps the invitation management as well as the registration clear and efficient.

4. Quick registration

With registration, invitation management becomes participant management. All guests who wish to attend the event enter the required data in the registration form. In essence, this allows you to know whether you need to include vegetarian options in your catering and how many accompanying persons need to be scheduled. The information is stored in the digital guest list and makes it easy to automate the whole process.

5. QR Code Tickets

After the successful registration, everything is already prepared for a regulated entrance to the event. QR Code tickets are sent out with the registration confirmation, enabling quick check-in and keeping the digital guest list always up-to-date.

With these five steps, your invitation management is optimally integrated into your event planning process. Automated invitation management, based on software for digital participant management, simplifies the administration of acceptances and cancellations and provides planning accuracy. At the same time, the process is also clear and easy to use for guests.


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