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February 20, 2020

QR-Code Ticketing

QR-Code Ticketing for professional event services.

Admission management can be so simple

To guarantee a regulated admission, we work with QR Code tickets. Every guest who is invited and registered for an event receives an individual code, which we integrate as a QR code on a ticket. AirLST user can create their tickets in their corporate design using the AirLST ticket editor. The User can choose whether they prefer the ticket as a pdf-file or as a PKPass-file for Apple Wallet.

What is a QR Code?

QR Codes enable easy storage and quick retrieval of comprehensive information. Electronic tickets with QR codes are, therefore, an optimal solution for smooth admission and professional guest management. QR Codes were already developed in 1994 in the environment of automobile manufacturer Toyota . The storage of extensive data records in a visual binary code has proven to be extremely efficient and flexible. The codes are initially used to mark components in the automotive supplier industry and to attach specific information on the individual components. Once again, the automotive sector confirms its role as a pioneer in its field. Today, the QR Code is used worldwide in a wide variety of industries and sectors: to mark products, simplify logistical processes, disseminate detailed information on advertising posters or in the cultural industries, and even on visa papers and other government documents. The small black and white patterned squares have become commonplace, and the readout device is always with almost everyone in the form of a smartphone. And since QR stands for Quick Response, it really does justify the name.

QR Codes for the event industry

A quick response is a guideline for the event industry. No wonder that QR codes are so popular and frequently used here. We need immediate responses, especially when we coordinate our guests. Nobody likes long queues at the entrance, and thus the electronic recording of all guests in a digital guest list not only helps with data management but also at the gates. As soon as a guest's QR Code ticket is scanned, the cloud-based guest list is updated. The organizers thus always have an overview of questions such as: How many visitors are already at the location? Which guests are still missing? To which group of participants does the guest belong? Because information, such as guest categories or workshop selection, can also be stored in the QR Code Ticket. After a quick scan of the QR Code Ticket at the entrance, the guests are coordinated accordingly.

Integrated copy protection

The cloud-based and QR Code ticket supported guest management also comes with integrated copy protection. By constantly updating the digital guest list, organizers always know the status of each guest. If the same code is scanned a second time, a message will appear stating that this code has already been used. Consequently, no other form of ticket validation needs to be set up: Watermarks and other protective functions are eliminated by the automated digital validation of the codes. The QR Code Ticket thus ensures fast and professional admission management.


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