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September 7, 2021

Printing Name Badges Successfully

Name Badges and Lanyards, how to print name badges successfully

Name badges are small but essential event accessories and an integral part of corporate events and networking events. Well designed, they are part of a convincing corporate identity and support employee communication. Printing name badges are, therefore, part of the basic equipment for successful event planning.

The function of name badges

Name badges are worn on lanyards or with pins and magnets and show other event participants who you are, which company or institution you work for, and, if applicable, what position you hold. The use of name badges is helpful for most event formats. Especially when many guests do not yet know each other, it also makes sense to print name tags for internal events: They give participants who don't know each other well the opportunity to eliminate any uncertainties. No one likes to ask whether Christoph's name isn't Christopher after all or what the colleague's name on the third floor is again. It makes it easier for rookies to find their way into the team: The name badge is an integrative sign and allows colleagues to get to know each other casually and casually. It has been proven that name badges lead to more frequent use of names in conversations. On the one hand, this makes it easier to remember names, and on the other hand, it creates a better working atmosphere.

What information needs to be printed on a name badge?

The following maxim applies to name badges: less is more. Only the most necessary information should be printed here. Of course, the name is a must. If the company logo is simple and easy to read, it's good to show affiliation with the company while promoting branding and linking the company to real people. For trade shows, it's a good idea to print the job position on the name badge as well, so prospects know right away who they're dealing with. A straightforward design, appropriate font size, and easy-to-read fonts are central to name badge printing.

Print name badges on-site

It is a good idea to print name badges directly on-site at the point of entry. This way, no pre-printed name badges have to be picked out, but printing is started automatically by the check-in. Only those guests who show up receive a name badge. This saves resources, and the freshly printed name badge is immediately at hand. Preconfigured print stations print a name tag in just a few seconds. The design is specified and pre-produced in advance. This makes name badge printing a simple part of admission management.

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