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May 6, 2020

The Next Step - Opening Perspectives in the Context of Corona Crisis

AirLST registration management. Secure Events in the context of corona crisis.

Under what conditions can events become possible again?

The lockdown to contain the Corona pandemic has significantly affected the event industry. Under what conditions can events be possible again soon? This is the pressing question that is currently driving event organizers. The industry association FAMAB, together with the Research Institute for Exhibition and Live-Communication Berlin (R.I.F.E.L.), has presented a position paper that outlines a multi-stage plan with recommendations for action to implement safe events in the context of Covid-19.

Digital guest management will play an essential role, as the registration of all attending guests and all contact details will be a requirement for the low-risk implementation of events.

Comprehensive hygiene concepts and precise documentation of all attendees are the focus of the proposed measures. Ideally, all persons present will be tested for Covid-19 in advance. As it will still take some time until rapid tests will be available in large quantities, compliance with the minimum distance, and the known hygiene regulations will have the highest priority.

To be able to interrupt potential infection chains quickly, a manipulation-proof and accurate list of all attendees is essential. In contrast to large scale events and events where people come physically close to each other, more manageable corporate events, in particular, could soon be possible again under controlled conditions.

Simple and secure guest registration for meetings and events

AirLST specializes in secure and straightforward guest registration. Corporate compliance programs have long required experienced and accurate documentation of all attendees of events. With these customer requirements in mind, AirLST has developed a routined and proven system for secure, automated data collection. This is now being used by event organizers and authorities to track and quickly inform all attendees in case of an infection. With AirLST's digital participant management, the automated recording of all relevant data is ensured even before the event. Once the invitation list has been determined, registration saves all acceptances and rejections of the invitation in the guest list. If a guest wants to send a representative because he cannot come himself, his data is also collected. On the day of the event, every single guest is checked in by QR-Code Scan. Through real-time synchronization, the information is always up to date on all devices. A changelog protocol records all changes to the guest list and guest data so that manipulation of the list is impossible.

With AirLST, organizers and guests are in contact with each other at all times, so that new alerts can be communicated promptly. The AirLST system is so flexible that the data query can be adapted at any time, and new regulations can be taken into account at short notice.

Once again, digital participant management helps with a coordinated and tamper-proof recording of guest data before, during, and after the event.

More information on the paper by FAMAB and R.I.F.E.L) can be found here: and here:


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