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September 4, 2019

New Changelog Function for AirLST

Keeping Track of your Data History with the Changelog

Summer break is over. In the last few weeks, our developers were really productive, their heads spun, and a lot has happened at AirLST. After countless test runs, we can now present you a great and brand new feature of our software: A changelog will keep track of all changes to your guest list. From now on you won't miss any update anymore. Especially when AirLST is used extensively, and by several users, there is one big challenge: How to keep track of changes and updates in the guest list? We have implemented a changelog so that all modifications can be tracked. This makes our software even more user-friendly, and your event planning remains transparent.

Check out the new changelog function in your backend

What can a Changelog Do?

A changelog is a log that documents all the processing steps of a project. Until now, the data stored in AirLST were always up-to-date and synchronized immediately as soon as changes were made somewhere. But what we still missed was the function to retrace individual work steps.

That is different now: In your sidebar, you can switch between your usual list view and the changelog view. As soon as you click on the changelog, a chronological history of all changes in your guest list and on the individual guest opens.

Changelog answers questions like:

  • When was the guest created?
  • Who created the guest?
  • Who made which modifications and when?

You can now filter your guest list according to these changes. For example: Find out which guests have been manually set to a confirmed status or see which guests changed their arrival date themselves. A changelog is especially helpful if your guests can re-login into their registration form via the landing page and change their data. You will never miss any data update again.This is especially important if your event includes a shuttle service or if you need to be up-to-date about the arrival and departure times of your attendees.
Has a speaker postponed his return flight? Then you should not shift his presentation because another speaker has also changed his travel plans.

To quickly and easily check such information, there is now the changelog. As soon as you need to adjust your program, you simply filter out all guests, whose travel dates changed and adapt your program flow. The function is also useful for invitation processes in two phases. When you already have first data requests during the first phase and these data must be validated, completed or changed within in the second one, the new changelog is a useful tool to filter deviations.

Our new changelog function is now available for all active AirLST accounts and makes it easier for you to manage your guests for your next event. Stay productive! We are already working on the next features...


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