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May 13, 2020

Forgery Protection for Digital Tickets and Guestlists

forgery-proof digital tickets and guestlists

Forgery-Proof Print-at-Home-Tickets

Eventmanager are always thinking about how to make the tickets for their event forgery-proof. Because unfortunately, they are confronted with manipulated tickets from time to time. A reliable system is indispensable, especially for large-scale events with many participants, accompanying persons and admission staff. Classical methods are security paper, watermarks, or embossing. In times of print-at-home tickets, these measures can, of course, not be applied. The advantages of print-at-home - short-term ticket sales, fast process for customers, and effective design options - have convinced event organizers and guests alike, with the result that approximately one-third of all tickets are now sold in this version. In addition, event organizers naturally pay attention to a sustainable and cost-effective implementation: digital tickets save printing and material costs.

Security features for digital tickets and guestlists

But how are security features implemented in digital tickets and guestlists? With AirLST, it's very simple. As soon as a guest is added to the guest list, he or she is given an individual, unique code. The ticket with this code is sent to the guest as a pdf or wallet ticket by email. The individual guest code is included on the ticket in the form of a QR code. The design of digital tickets can be flexibly adapted to the corporate design of the event.

The advantages are obvious: The organizers save printing and material costs; each guest receives his individual ticket, and the code stored in the guest list guarantees that the digital ticket is forgery-proof. How so? The ticket is sent to the guest to his or her email address, to which only he or she has access. At the entrance, the admission staff scans the digital tickets; the guest list synchronizes itself in time. Once the digital ticket is scanned, the code is validated, and the guest is marked as present. The presence of the participants is, therefore, recorded in real-time by means of a scan upon admission and is continuously synchronized. Alternatively, the guest can also be searched by name and marked as checked in.

In this way, the guest list cannot be tricked, for example, by trying to get several people to an event under one name. Now there are no more chances for shrewd party crashers, who only had to catch a glimpse of the paper list at the entrance in times of paper lists. Organizers who manage their entry with digital tickets and guestlists not only know how many people have already checked in but also who these people are. The real-time synchronization also allows for multiple entry stations to be set up at which the digital tickets are scanned. This makes the admission process efficient and fast.

The advantages of digital tickets and guestlists

A digital guest list is always up to date due to the synchronization of data. The internal processing of the guest list is also protected by the changelog protocol, which documents every change to guest data. Flexible user rights, write, and read restrictions guarantee that only authorized persons can edit the guest list. This is also an advantage in terms of data protection. In summary, the security advantages of digital tickets and guestlists:

  • Individual guest codes and QR Code tickets
  • Real-time synchronization between check-in app and guest list on all devices
  • Flexible user restrictions
  • Changelog Protocol

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