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August 23, 2022

Attention event agencies!

Attention event agencies! If your customers suddenly expect digital solutions for events from you and you get into trouble when it comes to bits & bytes, then we have something for you. With our partner program you can put an end to competence problems and the need for explanations. Find out more here:

As an event manager, you probably know all the insider tips for cool locations, the best productions and the most sought-after speakers. But what about the digital know-how in your event agency? With AirLST you get the ultimate business boost: From software tools, event apps, database interfaces and check-in infrastructures to Big Data KPI's we push your agency to maximum success!

Impress your customers with innovative ideas and sophisticated USER Journeys. Overcome the cluelessness and half-knowledge about DNS, Single Sign On's, Whitelisting, Privacy and Marketing Automation.

What's the catch, you ask? There isn't, because we always work at eye level. We go into the pitch with you, shine with the necessary expertise and countless best practice scenarios for even the most complex requirements. We are your digital ace in the hole, your IT nerds, your #partnership . Take a look around, get to know us and reach for the next million:


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