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June 22, 2022

Photo box for digital events

photobox for virtual events

Mood instead of silence - the Hooray Effect

How do you manage to capture the atmosphere at virtual events correctly? You are probably trying a way via surveys, polls, likes or posts. These are all legitimate means of measuring your success. But does that create the necessary event atmosphere? None! We have a special kind of mood barometer - our digital photo box. There your guests can take selfies or animated selfies via webcam or smartphone. In addition, the photos taken can be prettied up with image filters. Gradually, a photo wall on the website is filled with funny effects and creates an atmospheric image that will be remembered. Of course including Love and Like, Comments and Shares.

What does the virtual photo box?

  • Selfies from webcam and smartphone incl. countdown timer to the snapshot
  • Choice of photo, photo sequence and photo effects
  • Posting on the photo wall
  • Interaction such as likes and comments or ratings
  • of course with delete function
  • of course with a moderator function or approval process

How does the photobox look like?


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