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December 21, 2020

A Brief Checklist for Virtual Events

Checklist virtual events

What aspects need to be considered when planning virtual events?

Planning virtual events is also new territory for many professionals. The transformation of an analog event into a virtual event requires some changes. Besides the preparation of content and the coordination of all people involved, there are especially questions of technology and infrastructure that cannot be compared to planning a physical event. We have collected some specific aspects that need to be considered when planning virtual events.

Is there enough server capacity available?
Especially when many video chats are planned, the server capacity is quickly exhausted. Experienced providers can estimate which volume is needed based on the expected number of attendees and capacity utilization.

Do I need a platform solution?
Can I coordinate all processes centrally through my event landing page? Is the virtual event designed in such a way that the guests should interact a lot? If so, platform solutions with integrated communication tools are definitely an option, making navigation through the virtual event much more comfortable.

Which speakers do we invite?
It is advisable to invite speakers, moderators, or experts who have experience with virtual events or camera experiences. Thus, the contrast to the live event can be balanced out, and the spark and energy can jump over.

Do I need a support tool?

Especially if the target group has limited digital experience, a support tool is essential. Personal contact persons can help guests with questions and technical problems, thus keeping the drop-out rate low and increasing participant activity.


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