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September 27, 2019

AirLST Event Check-in App Update

Check Out AirLST's New Check-In App

We've made some improvements regarding our AirLST check-in app, gave it a new, fresh design and perfected several functions.
The mobile administration of guest lists and the check-in for an event should be as easy, clear and fast as possible. That's why we focused on usability, speed and straightforward menu navigation when revising the check-in app. As a result you need less time to organize your guest lists, check-in your guests or search for information. Put your full concentration on other aspects of your event.

New Design

The AirLST check-in app accompanies you during your event, checks in your guest and makes sure that you have an overview of your guest list at all times, even when you are on the road. Coming in a new design, it thereby looks more stylish than ever before. When you open the new AirLST check-in app, you'll notice the fresh, clean look. Plenty of white space ensures a clear structure and a precise arrangement of the menu.

Besides, you can now even better customize the check-in app to your needs. Adjusting the settings, you define what content you need and only that will be displayed. As a consequence the check-in app is as slim as possible and as functional as necessary. You will also notice that the general navigation structure has been improved. If you have several guest lists, you can first select the one you need from all your files or activate several guest lists simultaneously in the settings. Within the guest lists some functions, such as filters or guest details, are now available in pop-up windows. This makes navigation through the check-in app faster because you don't have to leave your list and can return to it immediately.


We have evaluated your wishes and experiences. That's why our development team has taken care of the filter function. The comprehensive options of the AirLST desktop version are now available in our iOS check-in app too. If you only want to see the guests to whom you have assigned a specific status, go to the filter function, select the corresponding status, and a customized list will be compiled for you. Of course, you can also filter by guest name or company and combine several filters.

AirLST Check-in App with refreshed filter function


When your guest check-in, notifications show which additional information you have stored for a guest. For example, you can see which workshop the guest is attending if he or she was able to choose between several options during the registration process. The information is displayed in a pop-up window as soon as you scan the guests ticket with the check-in app.

Sometimes guests never report back and therefore never receive a confirmed status in your list, but then they show up anyway. As soon as a situation like this comes up during check-in, notifications let you know and you will be asked if the guest should be checked-in even though. In your settings, you can define in advance which status allows check-in and how to deal with unannounced guests.

All stored information immediately at hand with our new AirLST App
Check-in Accompanying Persons

The check-in of accompanying persons has also become more apparent. If and how many companions guests have registered is indicated as +x next to their names. As soon as you click on the companions, they will be listed by name and can be checked in separately. If no names had been collected in advance, the companions will be listed as unknown guests. Of course, there are still functions such as contacts for our CRM customers and badge print for printing name tags available.

Try out the latest version of our AirLST check-in app yourself and find out how elegant and fast AirLST can be. Enjoy!


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