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January 9, 2023

AirLST Charity 2023

Our Christmas campaign

This year AirLSTs clients and partners got to be creative. As a Christmas gift, we sent out kits for gingerbread houses, which could be individually designed and built. You take a look at how this looked like internally with the AirLST team here. In our digital photobox these houses could be decorated with filters and uploaded to do something good at the same time. For each photo AirLST donates 30€ to a social project. Through your submissions a total of 900,00€ was collected. To go one step further, AirLST will double the amount this time.

Our digital donation box

Our support goes again to the Lovely Ones Educational Center in Kayole, Kenya. Thanks to your participation, we can once again sustainably improve the educational opportunities there. Through one of our employees, we have personal contact with the local association and can ensure that all donations arrive exactly there.


One of the private initiatives that improve educational opportunities in Kenya is the Lovely Ones Association. In 2010, German and Kenyan teachers got to know each other at a seminar in Nairobi, exchanging ideas about their countries' education systems, teaching methods and social influences that affect children's educational attainment. Solomon, one of the prospective teachers and current director of the Educational Center, reported on the situation in Kayole, where he himself grew up. Here, free access to education is elementary, poverty determines the lives of families, and financing school attendance is often not possible for more than eight years and for several children. Solomon himself has experienced the difference education makes and wants to pass this opportunity on to the children of his neighborhood. Together, the group decided to get involved. As recently as 2010, they were able to rent space where three classrooms were created. After several moves and a growing student body, the Lovely Ones Educational Center has arrived at its current location and is now run by seven teachers. Children are taught here, receive a meal, and can stay all day: The Lovely Ones Center is their safe haven.More background information and pictures from Kayole can be found on the Lovely Ones e.V. website.

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